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The “Lines We Live By” . . .

lines we live by Anyone who blogs five days a week (for nearly three years straight) finds those days when they may have the resources to pull together a blog post but their will to do it is flagging

There is a sense of blesséd grace descending when, on one of those drooping days, your Best Friend sends you an email with a link to some very cool material for a post :-)


Today’s post is dedicated to:

The Reader who wants some insight into the writer’s challenges.

The Writer who needs some insight into resolutions of their challenges.

The Publisher who needs a wake-up call to deeper awareness of the incredibly complex task of writing.

Poets & Writers has a Tumblr blog called Lines We Live By.

Poets and writers can Submit images of the important or evocative quotes they’ve found, like this line from The Writing Warrior: Discovering the Courage to Free Your True Voice, by Laraine Herring:

in harmony

Or, this one from Silver Sparrow, by Tayari Jones:

kill you

Or, this one from Trouble Behind Glass Doors in poet Walter Bergen’s collection, Trouble Behind Glass Doors: Poems:

the places

So, why not get creative with a photo of one of Your favorite Lines We Live By :-)
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Inspiration for Writers ~ How Do YOU Find It?

inspiration for writers To In-Spire—To Breathe Into

All but the most hackneyed writing needs inspiration.

Where do writers find it?

Some still attribute it to a “Muse”—“the (legendary) source of inspiration for a creative artist”.

Some claim a few bottles of beer is just the ticket.

Last July I published the post, What Are The Best Books for Writers?; but, I’m not saying books are the best source of inspiration, though authors like Stephen King do recommend reading as training for writing; although, not reading books about writing. :-)

The reason I mentioned that previous post was to recall my recommending one of my best friend’s favorite magazines—Poets & Writers.

Poets & Writers has a fascinating space called Writers Recommend.

Here’s what they say about it:

“In this online exclusive we ask authors to share books, art, music, writing prompts, films—anything and everything—that has inspired them in their writing. We see this as a place for writers to turn to for ideas that will help feed their creative process.”

As of this post, there are 187 entries

I’ll give you some snippets from the first 10:

“Like lots of fiction writers, I rely on research to reduce the odds of embarrassing myself….Research gives you the chance to be a magpie, spotting those irresistibly shiny bits and pieces.”

“I love big cities for the energy, the people-watching, the access to art and culture, the ability to feel anonymous. But I also need a daily ‘forest bath,’ as the Japanese call it.”

“On Saturdays I go look at art, partly because I wish I had become a visual artist. I’m not looking for narrative work, just powerful images that will push me out of my storytelling head.”

“My list of creativity-stimulators is long. It includes coffee, meditation, a giant hula-hoop, a standing desk, Salter, Duras, Eliot (George), Milton, Carson, Robinson, Hazzard, Gardam, Bishop, Munro, Arvo Pärt, Bach, Tristan und Isolde, baby-hugs, my gigantic compendium of Shakespeare’s plays, dogs (when I have one), weeping, naps, and gratitude.”

“I recommend getting to know the time of day when you write best and guard it as zealously as possible.”

“Mary Shelley and Louise Bourgeois. All I have to do, and I could do this every day of my writing life for the rest of my life, is open up Frankenstein to any page, or open up my book of Louise Bourgeois drawings, and my gut-heart-strum is activated.”

“Viewing visual art—works that deal with ripping off the polite skin of society—stimulates me.”

“Before I was a writer, I was a traveler; as it turned out, almost all of my stories (and unfinished novels, and bad poems, and personal essays) evolved from journeying away from home.”

“I listen to music (with lyrics!) when I write, and I often need coffee and chocolate to get me into the chair. There’s all that, yes. But at the risk of sounding like an Om-loving yoga teacher, I have to admit that, lately, what’s inspired me to write is feeling grateful.”

“When it comes to inspiration, I’m an omnivore, an art whore: I’ll take it wherever I can get it.”

So, each of those 10 writers has more to say about inspiration, if you take that link to Writers Recommend, and there are 177 more entries :-)

Go check it out—take a few days or weeks to consider all the experience they share

Then, come back and let us know what you most appreciated in our Comments.

Or, don’t go there and just share YOUR favorite form of writing-inspiration in the Comments.

OR, do both! :-)
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