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Are There Too Many Ways To Self-Publish?

Ever since digital publishing was created the options have been proliferating like rabbits.


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Then came Print-on-Demand and paper books’ ways of getting to readers increased.

Naturally, when a method of production becomes easier, the charlatans arrive

I feel extremely lucky I found a reputable and flexible Publishing-Aid company.

And, since I found them, they’ve only gotten better :-)

I have 26 posts here that mention my Publishing-Aid company, FastPencil, but there are 5 posts I want to specifically mention.

FastPencil ~ Funny Name, Dynamite Publishing-Aid Company

That post is a fairly comprehensive look at FastPencil’s benefits but let me list the main values:

Write a book on their site, while inviting BetaReaders or editors to work with you—>Free

Revise, edit, check multiple proofs, upload a cover, work-out front and back matter, etc.—> Free

Publish and have the book distributed to Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iBooks, and Ingram

(Print & E-book editions)—> $300

* Have FastPencil collect all the royalties and pay you quarterly.

There’s also a series of videos on that post.

Self-Publishing On A Poverty Budget

That was a post that details how I reduced my upfront costs

How I published my book for next to nothing and what you can spend money on, if you want

That post lists all the extra help you can buy at FastPencil.

My Favorite Publishing-Aid Company Has Become An Even Better Choice

That post featured a major improvement to the value of working with FastPencil.

One quote from the post: “through Courier’s recent acquisition of FastPencil, thousands of self-publishers also stand to benefit by gaining access to capabilities previously reserved for the top of the industry.”

FastPencil may have been “acquired” but it still operates independently.

Publisher Helps Local Libraries Become Community Publishers !

That post was about FastPencil partnering with Auto-Graphics to bring their publishing tools to libraries.

And, just the other day, Good e-Reader had an article mentioning FastPencil that I’ll excerpt from:

FastPencil and Recorded Books have just signed a landmark distribution agreement that will put self-publishers books in the library. FastPencil’s powerful technology provides libraries with an end-to-end publishing network that helps authors write, manage, convert and distribute books and eBooks. With access to robust management capabilities, libraries can also ingest, store and post library content to patrons.

“‘This unique service is a game-changer in the publishing and library industry’, said Rich Freese, Recorded Books president and CEO. ‘FastPencil for Libraries removes the hurdles that inherently come with traditional book publishing, making it possible for authors to collaborate with their local library to write and prepare their own books for publication.’”

That link to FastPencil at the beginning of the excerpt is Good e-Reader’s own review of FastPencil’s services

Certainly, there are other good ways to self-publish; but, now you know why I think FastPencil is the best :-)
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Cleaning Out The Closet ~ for Readers, Writers, and Publishers

If you blog five days a week like I do, you have ways of storing blogging ideas for later use.

Sometimes, it’s good to empty-out the list :-)

Back in January, I wrote Is A Book Ever Finished? but I only used one source to highlight issues about the ability to forever change a published book in a digital edition.

Another interesting article about the never-finished book is, Books That Are Never Done Being Written, from the Wall Street Journal.

Then there’s Anonymous Was A Writer from the Los Angeles Times. You might be quite surprised to find out which famous authors chose to leave their names off certain books

The last link I’ll clean out of my blogging closet today is from There’s a series called, Adventures In Self-Publishing, and Chapters 3, 4, and 5 are about Print-On-Demand Publishers.

The only thing missing from those articles is a mention of the P.O.D. publisher I use—FastPencil

Stay tuned for another closet-cleaning, down the road a piece :-)
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