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Cleaning Out The Drawer ~ A Bouquet of Posts

Periodically, I break my usual routine of writing single-topic posts and dig into the long list of saved, potentially useful articles I’ve tucked away.

I use Google Alerts to find potential posts from other sites and, daily, I add to the drawer.

When it starts to jam on opening, I pull a few choice picks out and share them

First, an article in The Atlantic called, The Amazon Paradox: Coming to Terms With Publishing’s Colossus, where Peter Osnos explores the phenomenon of people buying more ebooks but feeling a touch guilty that they aren’t helping bookstores.

Then, there’s A City Without Bookshops, by Peter Schoppert, on e27—from the Frankfurt Bookfair to Singaporean authors and books and bookstores to Amazon to some ideas he’s working on to capitalize on the disruption in the publishing trade.

Next, from IndieReader, is Amy Rogers’ post, Everything You Wanted to Know About Publishing But Were Afraid To Ask. She gives a remarkable survey of all the many flavors of publishing available.

Digital Book World has Jeff Rivera interviewing Seth Godin about a number of aspects of the changes in the book world in Libraries, Literary Agents and the Future of Book Publishing as We Know It. This one has a fascinating collection of reader comments.

Want some insight into how statistical manipulation makes solid information on books published or sold nearly non-existent? Read Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics—eye-opening, to say the least.

O.K., I’d better stop there so I have a relatively full drawer for my normal blogging and so you aren’t off reading other blogs and miss my post tomorrow :-)

Plus, it seems I actually, sort of, potentially created a single topic—posts from my drawer that all have to do, in some way, with publishing.


If you have any hot recommendations of posts you’ve read, please put them in the Comments.
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