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“Fiction is the truth inside the lie.” ~ Stephen King

Have you seen the movie The Martian, starring Matt Damon? (In case you haven’t, there’s a trailer at the end of the post…)


Proposed Mars Habitats ~ Click for More Info…

The original story (by Andy Weir) was self-published on Amazon.

I wonder how many writers (and, film-makers) have created fiction about going to Mars?

And, according to Stephen King, there must be some truth inside those “lies”

What if the truth is in the process of happening?

Ever heard of MarsOne?

Here’s a bit of explanation from their site:

“Mars One is a not for profit foundation with the goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars. To prepare for this settlement the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2020. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2026; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months after the initial crew has left for Mars. Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone’s mission to Mars, including yours. Join Mars One’s efforts to enable the next giant leap for mankind.”

Did you notice that “one-way journey”?

The process is already at the stage where they have 100 people selected (from many more applicants) who are willing to go (and, never return)—those 100 to be finally pared down to 24 “Martians”.

Are you one of those people who think this attempt at settling Mars will never leave the ground—remain a story—a “fiction”…?

You might want to go check out the site—see how many aerospace companies are already helping them plan the endeavor

Perhaps you’d rather just watch the video at the end of the post

You might also want to ponder about how much fiction has become fact?


The first video is Hollywood’s version of a man on Mars—a man who desperately wants to get home

And, the second video is about MarsOne, which might just become true—humans going to Mars—and Staying There

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