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Friday Fantasy ~ Number Twenty-Nine

The People’s Dilemma

The Healer prayed to the Mighty Spirit.

People's Dilemma

Image Courtesy of Carlos J. de Pedro Jim�nez ~

The people wandered the lanes of the town, confounded in their souls.

There were the Mountain-folk and the Forest-folk; and, the Healer between

Both Folk had founded the town—miracle of cooperation—yet, they now knew not how to communicate

The Healer called a gathering of the wisest of each Folk, began with an invocation:

“Oh, Most Mighty Spirit, give us Thy Guidance.

“Resolve our Confusions.

“Display Thy Mercy.

“Remove this Misapprehension.”

The wisest of the Mountain-folk stared at the wisest of the Forest-folk—neither knowing what to say

The Healer asked the oldest of the wise to speak their minds.

None knew how to communicate their thoughts

The Healer brought forth two crystals—handed one to each of the Ancients, Mountain-Seer and Forest-Oracle.

The Healer mimed that they should blow on the crystals then exchange them.

This they did

They stood, silent

The Healer retrieved the sparkling stones, handed each Ancient the other’s crystal.

The Mountain-Seer opened her mouth and heard a word come from the Forest-Oracle.

The Forest-Oracle opened his mouth and heard the same word issue from the Mountain-Seer.

The word was Acceptance

The Seer and the Oracle wept as they embraced.

Then began the earnest Talks—the sharing of the oldest Stories—the work to find common ground.

None knew, neither the Healer, the Seer, nor the Oracle, none of the other folk, yet knew the Words, True Civilization.

Their descendants, for ages, struggled to learn the Words, learn their deepest Meaning

People learned words that could lead to True Civilization, then forgot what they knew.

Over and over, they learned, then forgot.

Over and over, they forgot, then fought.

Histories were written but none contained the Story of The People’s Dilemma—none remembered the miracle of the crystalline exchange of Acceptance………

Copyright, 2014, Alexander M Zoltai
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