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Changing Things Up & Some “Mighty Writers”

This is normally a day I reserve for a re-blog from another bookish blogger… Mighty Writers

However, I’m in the final push of a Relocation Adventure—not that far in space and time; but, covering Vast Tracts of psycho-spiritual territory


I’m doing a regular blog today and may re-blog for the rest of the week—mental hygiene demands certain precautions :-)

So, who are those “Mighty Writers”?

2,000 kids in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA shooting for a Guinness World Record.

From the Mighty Writers WebSite:

“We’re going to set a new world record for most kids writing at the same place at the same time.

“Our topic, “If I Were President…”

“The date: Tuesday, July 26 at 10am.

“Where:  The steps of the Art Museum.

“Two simple requirements: You have to be between the ages of seven and 17.

From the current President of the USA:

“… your program’s selection as one of the 50 finalists distinguishes [Mighty Writers] as one of the top arts-and-humanities-based programs in the country.”—President Obama’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“On the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where Rocky once ran, a crowd of smiling faces danced to ‘Uptown Funk’. They stretched and clapped, pumping blood through their veins to prep for a world record attempt.”

“It’s what everyone’s talking about. It’s on the minds of the kids. I hear their families talking about it. And they have a lot to say. I hear them talking about it all the time around Mighty Writers, so this is their chance to really put it on paper.”

Two examples of what the kids wrote (as if they were President…):

“Instead of giving military aid, I’d like to give just aid ’cause we are enforcing violence. We are violence. We need to be the aid.”

“Main issues that I would focus on if I were president would probably be things like equality between everyone. I think everyone should be treated like a person, no matter race, gender, skin color.”

From Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric:

“What I love about this record is that they’re not just breaking a record. They’re trying to bring a social component into it, bring attention to the schools in Philadelphia. And teaching kids to write, which is something I love doing. It’s something I grew up doing. So to see all these kids here trying to break the record title doing that is really exciting.”

Check out this video :-)

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