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What Will Happen To Print Books ?

Hold it in your hand

Feel it and smell it

Turn its pages

Dog its pages, if you dare.

I, personally, feel print books will stay with us forever.

One good sign of this is an article in The Guardian by Robert McCrum called Traditional books, dressed to kill…

It’s about publishers making hardbacks with covers that harken back to an age of marked respect for the printed book.

The standard, mass-market paperback may disappear but trade paperbacks could survive.

And, I certainly hope independent book artists survive—people like Mia Leijonstedt.

I met her on Google Plus and instantly fell in love with what she does with books.

This image is from her personal site:

Her comment on the next image is interesting:

“A dear friend and a truly wonderful human being inspired me with her request for a little book as a pendant… This one is covered in reindeer leather and incorporates a Sichuan Quartz (“Tibetan Herkimer”) with a type of jasper called African Turquoise.”

What do you think will happen to print books as ebooks continue to take the world by storm??
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Survey Results from Those ISBN Folks…

ISBN? That’s the International Standard Book Number and the folks at Bowker supply those handy bar codes.

The Survey, Essential Facts, was tabulated for the year 2009 and I feel most of the results are still close to the same, within a few percentage points; but, with the changes in publishing that are swirling around, they may not remain the same for long.

The full survey (which is at the link up there that says Essential Facts) has many more numbers then what I’ve put in this post. I chose what I thought my readers would like to know but I encourage you to look at the whole survey:

43% of Americans ages 13+ bought a book

The average age of a book buyer was 42

58% of book buyers were female

64% of the books purchased were by females

30% of books purchased were by Baby Boomers

66% of Fiction books purchased were by women

50% of the dollars spent on Fantasy books were by men

3 out of 10 Fiction purchases were either Romance or Espionage/Thriller

59% of books purchased were Paperback

15% of books purchased were ‘as a gift’

20% of books purchased were through E-Commerce

13% of books purchased were because of the author’s name

What do you think of those numbers??
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