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Attention All Bookworms, Bibliophiles, and Ardent Readers

I discovered a “book subscription service” that may not be for everyone; but, for those who can appreciate it, it could be the best thing that’s ever happened… PageHabit Book Subscription Service

One other caveat—it costs $30/month—leading to two or more folks sharing an account?

The name of the service is PageHabit.

Here are a few things they say about themselves:

“We are changing the way people share stories by creating a completely immersive reading experience for every kind of book nerd. We deliver the best new release books to your door and bundle them with exclusive author insight, including written annotations, bookish goods, and an active reading community to boot. PageHabit is nothing new, it’s just better.”

Did you notice “exclusive author insight & written annotations? It’s actually PostIt notes in the book from the author…

“We noticed that there was an especially large disconnect between authors and their fans — online and in real life. We realized that through our curated boxes, we could help bridge this gap and deliver an amazing immersive reading experience.”

And, they have this little jewel of a policy:

“With every mailing, we donate on your behalf to children’s literacy. Each month, we partner with a different organization around the world and support their efforts in spreading literacy throughout their community. Our donation helps support building schools, public libraries, and community centers to ensure that every child has access to books.”

Here’s their Mission Statement about their donations—looks like a one for one deal—you get a book, the kids get a book


Now, time out for a slightly Hyped video :-)

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