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New Year’s Resolutions from a Very Successful Author

This will be the 35th post I’ve done that relates in some way to Joe Konrath.

Jack Daniels and Associates

Click this image to find out how to “borrow” Joe’s characters…

He was very successful when he used a recognized publisher and he became even more successful when he went Indie.

And, if I can offer an idea for a writer’s New Year’s resolution, I’d say pay close attention to what’s related about Joe in my past post, Should Rejection by a Publisher Be Praised ?

Here are some excerpts:

In 2011, Joe Konrath wrote the article, The List, A Story of Rejection.

He begins with:

“…I garnered more than 500 rejections before getting published.”

Then he relates how his book, The List, was rejected by Ballantine Books, Penguin Putnam, Simon & Schuster, Talk Miramax Books, Doubleday, Little, Brown and Company, Hyperion, New American Library, HarperCollins Publishers, Bantam Dell Publishing Group, William Morrow, Warner Books, Pocket Books, and St. Martin’s Press.

By the way, if you go to the full article, you can read all those rejections

Joe goes on to say:

“In April of 2009, I self-published The List.”

Which is followed by an extremely enlightening sentence:

“As of this writing, December 26, 2011, The List has earned me over $100,000.”

So, just before I direct you to Joe Konrath’s New Year’s resolutions, I need to mention that clicking on the Image up there ( “Jack Daniels and Associates” ) will take you to the guidelines for Joe’s offer to “borrow” his characters. He wrote about it here & here’s a brief excerpt:

“You can take any of my characters from eighteen of my novels, and write stories about them. I have no rules or boundaries, and you can mix and match.”

Now Joe Konrath’s New Year’s Resolutions <<< that link will take you to 12 years of resolutions, about which he says, “…a lot of the advice from a decade ago still holds true, so take these resolutions for what they’re worth to you.”

And, his resolution for 2017 is:

Change with the times.”

By the way, he says a lot (at that last link) about his resolutions and you just might resolve to do some of what he says :-)
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2014’s Top 5 Posts for Writers

My blog covers Reading, Writing, and Publishing; yet, the Top 5 posts for the last year are all about writing… 

Top 5 Posts for Writers in 2014

Image Courtesy of de Silva Chaminda ~

Perhaps readers and publishers want to know about writers—or, my visitors are all writers interested in publishing who, of course, also read :-)

But, since it’s the last day of the year, at least in my time zone, I’ll share my New Year’s Resolution before listing those Top 5 posts:

“…to analyse but not reduce, to ponder meaning but not dwell on words, to identify distinct areas of action but not compartmentalize… to work with full and complex thoughts and to achieve understanding…”.

I found those words in a letter from The Universal House of Justice.

I’ll attempt, over the coming year, to fulfill those precepts, in all aspects of my life, but especially in my blogging for Readers, Writers, and Publishers

Now, the Top 5 Posts of 2014 (Do note that none of them were written in 2014—meaning folks found them with searches that matched the Keyword–Tags I used.  Plus, the number of views listed for each are only the views they got in 2014for instance, No. 1 has gotten a total of 912 views since it was published)

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