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Bumps on the Relocation Road . . .

Relocation Adventure

Image Courtesy of Kirill Levin ~

I indicated yesterday that my normal schedule here (Mon-Wed-Fri, regular blogs posts by me—Tue-Thur-Sat-Sun, re-blogs from other bookish bloggers) would be different for awhile because of my moving a short physical distance but an imponderable space reckoned in psycho-spiritual “distance

So, as it stands today, I’m doing a “normal” blog right now but will probably only have re-blogs on through Aug. 2nd…

I do try to find the most valuable, or informative, or entertaining re-blogs I possible can; and, I hope the short “disturbance” in my work flow is Way less problematic for you than it is for me :-)

I do want to mention, again, the new Feature here—Friday Story Bazaar—with all of the new stories gathered at that last link and my “normal” Friday post being another new short tale

Do take that last link if this is the first you’ve heard of the Friday Story Bazaar, because the first new story was posted there last Friday :-)

O.K.—short post today—some good re-blogs for about a week—then, back to “normal”—hopefully

If you’re the praying-type, send one up for me about all the “complications” of my Relocation Adventure; and, if you’re a positive-energy-sender and can spare a little, it would help :-)
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