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Friday Poll ~ Reading, Writing, and Movies

As always, we start with the results of last week’s poll—Why Do You Read? 

Reading, Writing, and Movies

Image Courtesy of Chris Greene ~

In 1st Place we had For Pleasure.

2nd Place was a three-way tie :

For Research, For Enlightenment, and For Improving My Writing

3rd Place was a two-way tie :

For Escape and For Insights

4th Place was a three-way tie :

For Study, For Fun, and For The Plot

5th Place was a two-way tie :

For the Characters and For Self-Improvement

6th Place had For School

Plus, there was one Comment :

“I enjoy reading, so I read. Sometimes it is for pleasure and other times, it is for work. There are times when I read to learn something new.”


Now for this week’s Polls–one for Readers and one for Writers (and, some of you will be able to take them both).

Multiple answers are definitely welcomed and I think the “Other” Space will get a lot of use this week :-)

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