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Freelance Writing Challenges

Are you a writer who needs more money?

Writing for Money

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My experience shows that most writers need more.

I wonder how many feel they’re capable of doing some freelancing…

Here are a few past posts I’ve written.

Freelance Lies . . .

Are Fiction Writers Capable of Freelancing?

Scratch, Scratch, Who’s Got The Money?

But, to get more specific about how to prepare for freelance writing, I’ll reference an article from Living Well, Spending Less called, How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer.

Naturally, if you have a strong interest in freelancing, I suggest you go read the full article; but, here are the bullet points:

1. Determine Your Writing Niches
2. Start Acquiring Samples
3. Establish a Web Home Base
4. Develop a Pitch
5. Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Obviously, listing the skeleton like that makes it look simple, even if full of work…

Reading the article will nicely fill-in the experience and expertise of author, Ruth Soukup.

Of course, to freelance you need time; and, if you’re a creative writer, you may feel you just don’t have enough time.

Try this article from Make A Living WritingHow I Found 70 Extra Hours a Month to Boost My Freelance Writing Career.

But, even with the time to do that freelancing, you may need some help

Freelancers Union has the article, 5 Free Online Tools for Freelance Writers.

And, The Write Life has, 9 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs.

To round-out this primer on freelance writing challenges, I’ll quote from that first, past post of mine, Freelance Lies:

#1 – Freelance writers must have deep tech/industry experience

#2 – Freelance writers need an English or journalism degree to be good

#3 – Freelance writers outsource the work and sit back collecting your money

#4 – Freelance writers are schedule-free spirits

#5 – Freelance writers have an easy job

#6 – Freelance writers overcharge

#7 – Freelance writers have low overhead so it’s all fun and profit

If you’ve done freelance writing, perhaps you’d share a bit of your experience in the Comments?
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Money from Writing Blog Posts

Many of you know I’m a maverick—in my writing and in the promotion I do… 

And, it seems apropos to share the etymology of “maverick” from my Oxford English Dictionary:

Samuel A. Maverick (1803–70), Texas engineer who owned but did not brand cattle.”

Branding is all the rage now for self-published authors—come on, get on the brandwagon—cereal is branded, cigarettes are branded, underwear is branded—why not books?

Well, I don’t brand myself or my books because I don’t brand my cattle—I’m a Maverick

Another thing I don’t do is overly concern myself with how many books I sell—I give them away, too (see the left side-bar…)—I want folks to read my books; and, those books are nowhere near any type of popular genre, which means most of the promotion “rules” just don’t work.


There are a few things the “experts” say that make sense to me.

One of them is to use a blog as an author platform and the other is to solicit guest posting opportunities.

I, personally, never seek a guest posting opportunity in order to get paid

However, I’m sure many of my readers are not mavericks; so, I present to all interested folk, from Daily Finance, the following:

$50/post at Make a Living Writing

$35/post at The Write Life

$100/post at Be a Freelance Blogger

$50/post at Write Naked

$50/post at Funds for Writers

$100/post at A Fine Parent

$100/post at Cracked

$100/post at Listverse

$10/post at Knowledge Nuts

$50/post at TopTenz



Also, you can find more paid guest post opportunities at Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs and at 110 Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly.

NB: The quality of any of those blogging sites can not be guaranteed by this writer :-)
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