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7 Reasons Self-Published Authors Know Best

I self-published Notes from An Alien because it’s such a niche novel and deserved to be in readers’ hands sooner rather than later. I didn’t have to go through a long, confusing soul/Internet searching to decide.

I didn’t really learn all the advantages of self-publishing till after my book was published and I was doing regular posts on this blog.

In my scanning of my Google Plus Stream, I clicked-through a link that Mick Rooney shared. The author was Mary Louisa Locke and the blog post was, Why Self-Published Authors Know Best.

There are still reasons to go with a traditional publisher but I doubt any of those will ever apply to me.

I feel traditional publishing houses will still exist in the future but in such a transformed shape that we’ll have to find a new way to classify them.

Go read Mary’s post and then, do please, come back and let me know what you think, ok?
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