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Making Money As A Writer

I’ve written many posts about writers and money.

Writing for Money

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Some folks think that only the journalist-type or the non-fiction writer should think about making money

Some folks think that fiction writers shouldn’t consider money and only write for the love of the art

Some folks think the new self-publishing juggernaut can slam them into the mega-sales bracket

Thing is, there’s a bit of truth in all those ways of thinking—a bit

The full truth about any individual’s chance of making money with their writing involves, at least, the following factors:

* How strong their desire is to make money

* How much money they can spare to help them make money

* How much time they have to spend working toward making money

* The choice of venues in which they’re willing to try to make money

From my experience, I’d recommend a writer soberly consider those factors; then, based on their deliberations, make a sound judgement about one more factor:

* Can they generate the staying-power to pursue, faithfully and diligently, the path toward earnings they want to follow?

That’s my two-cents’ worth

Now, I’ll share two very different perspectives on making money as a writer.

The first is from a friend of mine—Angela Yuriko Smith—and is called Three Ways to Build Your Byline.

Her method is simple and sound; and, you might call it the boot-strap method.

Just a couple excerpts from her article:

“In the beginning, you need to show your talents off anywhere you can.”

“It doesn’t matter if you were paid for them or not.  All that matters is you have published peices of paper with your name on them.”

“Now that so much is on the internet, your links are also your clips.  Save the title and link to everything you get published.”

“Give your talents away to everyone who will take them.  I have had so many doors open up because I volunteered to lend my writing for a good cause.”

“Let your words be powerfully promiscuous.”

Do, if you have any desire to make money as a writer, go read Angela’s full piece.

Next, I’ll offer a video with two of today’s rising stars in the writing-for-money “market”—they both make money talking about making money—yet, they both have some good ideas to offer for your consideration

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Making A Living As A Writer . . .

Let me be clear at the start, I live on a small pension and would be happy if my books make a small splash after I die.

Writing for Money

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But I blog about Reading, Writing, and Publishing so I feel a need to “cover” what I consider “important” trends.

My coverage is shaped by my beliefs about writing; and, what I consider important is often very different from what’s being screamed about on the ‘Net

Personally, I feel genre-writing is the only hope for writers who desire the social accolade of Bestseller.

Here are two links to pages that collect the posts I’ve written about genre and bestsellers

For those of you who write stories that focus on issues of vital concern to our human family—those who may not be concerned with sales numbers and are willing to trust the Fates for any large scale acceptance of their works—you may find comfort in these two posts:

The View from The Top Is Usually Blind . . .

What About All The Authors Whose Books Don’t Sell Very Many Copies?

For those of you who are committed genre-writers and are looking to make a living with your writing, there is yet another REPORT you can read

Since the report and the site promoting its results are focused on making money with self-publishing vs traditional publishing, I should declare that, on this blog, I’ve tagged 105 posts “Self-publishing” and only 24 “Traditional publishing”

Hugh Howey is one of the people who generated that new report and says:

“Anecdotal evidence and an ever more open community of self-published authors have caused some to suggest that owning one’s rights is more lucrative in the long run than doing a deal with a major publisher. What used to be an easy decision (please, anyone, take my book!) is now one that keeps many aspiring authors awake at night. As someone who has walked away from incredible offers (after agonizing mightily about doing so), I have longed for greater transparency so that up-and-coming authors can make better-informed decisions. I imagine established writers who are considering their next projects share some of these same concerns.”

Yesterday, Hugh wrote on his blog (about the effect the report is having):

“So, the reason my site just crashed is because of a little project I’ve been working on with a friend of mine. We broke street date a day early, as my co-founder and I cracked beers over Skype to celebrate the launch of and the publication of our first report, and down went all the pretty toys.”

If you’d like to read a compendious post about the effect of the report, Porter Anderson wrote this:

A Call for Writers to Organize: Hugh Howey Interview

The “Organize” in that tile refers to a survey that will turn into a petition that says:

“Authors have suffered from a lack of organized advocacy. This petition is a small gesture. It is intended to show publishers that authors would rather be partnered with than acquired. It is open to published authors, those who aspire, and the readers who value their works.”

Be Aware: all the data in the report has been generated only from Amazon

And, if you want to read a humorous take (with a sting) that brings in challenges from a fictitious composite Big 5 gatekeeper, read Joe Konrath’s post:

Me, Hugh Howey, and Legacy John on


If you’re a genre-writer and wondering about self-publishing vs. traditional publishing and how they might make you self-sufficient as a writer, all this is right up your alley

Comments warmly welcomed :-)
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