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E-Books, Libraries, and An Experiment In Blogging

I’ve always been a rather Benevolent Maverick.

Recently, I broke a blogging “rule” and had a post that ran over 4,000 words—Author Interview ~ Shannan Sinclair.

Today, I’m going to give three brief references to articles about e-books and see how many folks take the links, read the articles, and make a comment

I need to start by referencing a WebSite that will help set-up the first e-book article—O’Reilly ~ Tools of Change for Publishing—a conference held in New York City, February 13-15.

The first e-book article, from NPR, is, At Last, They See: E-Books ‘Democratize’ Publishing, which begins with:

“Not known as a hotbed of experimentation, the world of publishing has been slow to embrace the transition from print to e-books. This past week in New York, however, the Tools of Change digital publishing conference attracted entrepreneurs and innovators who are more excited by, rather than afraid of, the future.”

The next article is from PCWorldEbook Publishers Want Library Borrowing to Be Difficult—and begins with:

“In an effort to make library ebook borrowing less convenient, Penguin Group has discontinued over-the-air library book downloads for Kindle users.”

The third article is from an “Annoyed Librarian” on the Library Journal and is called, Ebooks and Libraries Don’t Mix. Here’s the opening:

“Libraries certainly are living in interesting times, and last week was no exception. We were also provided with more evidence supporting one of my hypotheses, which is that if you want to get something done, don’t involve the ALA [American Library Association].”

I’m sure I’ll be back to my normal routine tomorrow—featuring one article and commenting myself; but, that’s my post for today

I may get no comments :-)
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Been To Your Local Library Lately?

Some may feel the effect of the digital revolution on books would make libraries obsolete.

It seems that, while buying and consuming books in your home is on the rise, libraries are still “in business”.

A study done by The Library Journal (“Founded in 1876…one of the oldest and most respected publications covering the library field.”), entitled, Library Patrons and Ebook Usage, has some interesting things to say.

To me, the most fascinating result is:

“…regular public library users don’t just borrow books. They are also active books buyers who make many of their purchasing decisions based on the authors or books they first discover in the library.”

In fact, the study found that “…over 50 percent of all library users go on to purchase books by an author they were introduced to in the library.”

About a week ago, I wrote a post called, Should We All Self-Publish A Book?, that showed how some libraries are offering a service of printing a bound copy of a book in five minutes for about $6.00.

So, will library patrons stop going to their library to download ebooks?

As most everything having to do with books is undergoing deep flux and massive change there are no immediate answers and even surveys and polls can become obsolete before they’re published

Do you still patronize a library?

Have you gotten an ebook from a library?

What do you feel libraries need to do to not follow the path of so many bookstores?
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