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Global Peace ~ Can It Happen?

There’s an insidious idea afoot that global peace is impossible. This post will point you toward resources that uphold its possibility and, perhaps, its inevitability.

Saying global peace is impossible depends on folks believing that “human nature” includes an ineradicable desire to be selfish and contentious. Some people feel that “human nature” is such that, given half a chance, any human will “naturally” use violence to attain their ends.

I leave it to you to decide what human nature is; but, what I must propose, what I’m incapable of holding back, is my belief that human nature contains the possibility to be as barbaric as an animal as well as  to be as divine as an angel.

It’s education and the human will that are critical in deciding which direction any human takes their potential.

My book, Notes from An Alien, tells the story of a civilization composed of both types of people; they just happen to live 12 light-years from Earth.

Readers and reviewers have agreed that my fictional tale has strong parallels to our experience on Earth and I urge you to read the book (free through the link in the left side-bar).

There are also Special Documents and Web Resources concerning global peace available.

I also need to call your attention to one particular site:

Global Truce 2012

And, I, with all my heart and mind, hope you will watch this video:

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