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Author Interview ~ Lauren Elizabeth—Part Two

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Lauren Elizabeth back in March, before she published her first book.

Here’s the post-publication interview :-)


Lauren, how does it feel to be published?Author Lauren Elizabeth

Honestly pretty strange, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I have been working towards this goal for quite a few years and to now have it in my hands is a dream come true.

I just Love the pictures of you getting the first shipment of your book :-)

So, why did you write Looks of an Angel?

I always enjoy a good story. I wanted to share a story with the world, one that would make people laugh and cry. Also I enjoy escaping to another world where I write the rules and no one can tell me no.

That is a distinct advantage of being a writer :-)

But, Lauren, what was your life like before becoming a published author?

I was the quiet girl in the back of the room. I played sports and was active in clubs but nothing exciting that got me noticed.

What’s your life like now?

Changed, to say the least. I’m now constantly stopped in the hall and asked, “Are you that girl who wrote that book? Well, I loved it!” It gives me joy that I’ve given something to the world for people to enjoy. That’s why I write, to bring joy to others, not for the fame or the money.

Would you say your writing is “personal”?

Not personal where you’ll know my life story after reading Looks of an Angel but you’ll know my writing style and a piece of what is going through my mind.

Are there parts of the book based on experiences in your life or people you’ve met?

Not experiences themselves but more the emotion I felt during certain times of my life—it’s poured into my writing. As for people I’ve met, no, the characters aren’t based on people I know. Instead, on qualities I like or dislike in people.

When you name your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meanings?

When I name a character I try to choose a name that I’ve never heard before or at least a different spelling. Otherwise every time I think of that character I think of that person visually in my mind—for instance my main character Aly. I know many people named Aly but their name is spelled Allie or Ally. That one letter difference makes a difference in my mind allowing me to create my own character image.

Do you ever hear your characters “talking” in your head?

Yes, call me crazy but there were times I’d be writing and Aly would be yelling at me in my head :-)

So, Lauren, do you ever experience “writer’s block”?

Yes, in the middle of Looks of an Angel, I just couldn’t decide where to go from that point so I tried for a couple days to force it to happen, until I finally decided to just walk away from it and returned two weeks later to finish the novel.

What’s your favorite part of Looks of an Angel?

Got to say the last chapter, defiantly, it came to me in a dream and I love every bit of it. Looks of an Angel

What’s one important lesson you learned while publishing your novel?

Since I am only eighteen people think they can take advantage of me by trying to raise prices or treat me wrong. Although I did my research and was able to politely correct or refuse. Make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t end up paying an arm and a leg for something that only costs maybe a finger.

Is there a message in your novel you want readers to discover?

Appearance isn’t everything—what’s inside is what really counts.

Cool :-)

What do you do when you are not writing, Lauren?

Well, being a senior in high school I spend most of my time in class and after school or on the weekends I: volunteer, hang with friends, do homework, read, participate in clubs and musicals.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m working on editing the sequel to Looks of an Angel and I’ve also started another novel.

Great to hear that! Write On :-)

So what advice do you have for someone who’d like to become a published writer?

Write what you know and love, otherwise you’ll end up forcing a story that wasn’t there to start with.

Lauren, thanks, very much, for coming back and doing your post-publication interview. See ya after your next publication, ok?

You bet, Alex :-)


You can buy Looks of an Angel at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Here’s a sneak-peak:

“The Siren went off, the one for which they have trained us all our lives. Which meant… Invaders! I flipped around, breaking the number one rule—don’t hesitate—to see a hovership coming towards our planet…”

When Aly’s home planet Pluto is invaded, everything she’s ever worked for is put on the line. In the process of saving her not-so-much friend Matt, Aly is captured, taken by the Neptwainians to their home planet. She will have to fight to stay alive as they put her through a series of life-threatening tests

Also, visit Lauren’s blog :-)
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