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Writing Styles, Work Patterns, & Lack of Guilt

writing First, a few “definitions”:

Writing Styles = the various methods employed to get the words on the page and properly ordered; including but not limited to meticulous outlining, character charts and maps, location dossiers, stacks of various sizes of paper notes (or more loosely scattered groupings), moderately expensive notebooks, computer files in various formats, sophisticated computer programs, and working-it-all-out-in-the-mind-then-letting-it-spill-out-like-blood.

Work Patterns = the various and sundry patterns of behavior that different writers use to accomplish their writing goals; including but not limited to word-counts/unit time, something written every day, whenever the mood is right, and whenever-I-damn-well-please-thank-you-very-much.

Lack of Guilt = absence of indictability, pauperization of impeachability, and shortage of self-reproof.

Now the Game :-)

1. Choose the Writing Style and Work Pattern that matches your own (if you’re not a writer you may find benefit in pretending you are. Many writers are good at pretending.)

2. If your Writing Style and Work Pattern are not in the definitions please consider letting us know what they are in this post’s comments.

3. Use any old method of analysis you have handy to assess how well you achieve Lack of Guilt by applying your Writing Style and Work Pattern to the Goal of Producing Written Works–including but not limited to any-genre (or, non-genre)-you-can-imagine

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