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A Game That Could Help Folks with #WritersBlock or Let Writers Without a Block Have Some Challenging Fun :-)

As of this post, there are 6 articles on games and writing (if you take <— that link, you’ll see this post since it has the tag “games”—just scroll down to see the others…). Elegy for a Dead World

I, personally, have found (being a bit of a gamer in my time) that the creative decision-making in certain games and the “story” creation in some world-building games are close analogues to what happens inside me when I write.

So, Laurie Vazquez “…writes about science and technology for Popular Science, TIME, and FiatPhysica.”

She recently wrote an article called, How One Video Game Helped Me Overcome Writer’s Block.

I’ll share just two excerpts from her article:

Elegy for a Dead World is a game we’ve written about but never played before. Created by indie developers Dejobaan Games, Elegy puts players in the position of an astronaut exploring three beautiful, abandoned worlds. All are colorful and rich, but desolate and broken. Their designs are inspired by three landmark poems: Ozymandius by Percy Shelley, When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be by John Keats, and Darkness by Lord Byron. It is the astronaut’s – and player’s – job to investigate each world, catalogue the remains, and piece together the mysteries of each civilization by completing 27 writing challenges. The worlds are merely prompts for writing, and the goal of the game as Dejobaan sees is it is ‘everyone can write’.”

After going into detail about her experience playing the game, Laurie says:

“By the time I’d gotten to the end, I was sad I was finished. So I went and played through the worlds again with different prompts. Now that I’d found my groove and trusted my writing abilities again, it was a joy — and that is the great secret of this game. Elegy does everything it can to inspire you.”

The game is out for Windows, Mac and Linux.

And, on the game’s site they say:

“In Elegy for a Dead World, you travel to distant planets and create stories about the people who once lived there.

“Three portals have opened to uncharted worlds. Earth has sent a team of explorers to investigate them, but after an accident, you are the sole survivor. Your mission remains the same: survey these worlds and write the only accounts of them that outsiders will ever know.”

If you go to that last link, you’ll see how much effort they’ve put into designing an experience that lets Anyone write :-)

Plus, so many writers say the way to break writers’ block is to just write, whether it’s one word over and over or gibberish or copying the back of a cereal box—seems this game might be a bit better than those mindless acts

And, here’s a video about it:

Plus, here are selected preview articles and other mentions:

And, one last video with the game’s project leads, Ichiro and Ziba (be aware the guy interviewing them is Way Too Excited :-)

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