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Writing Resources & Advice ~ Tread Carefully…

There’s so much writing advice swirling around now that anyone trying to read it all would never write anything.

Plus, trying to do what everyone says would drive you bonkers :-)

So, I’d suggest you limit the time you spend on advice or resources, say two hours on the weekend , then use the rest of your free time to WRITE.

I’ve done a number of posts in these areas and one called, Yet More Writing Resources . . ., has a link to another post called, Writing Resources, Revisited…, that links to three more posts, “…some with writing tips and some with writing warnings…”.

I recently found a post by J. J. Hebert that has many recommendations for reading about writing, links to videos and articles by writers, plus a link to even more resources. Check out 20 Valuable Writing Resources.

But, before you Tread Carefully  through all that, try some of the videos Hebert has in his lists:

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