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The Reader/Author Relationship ~ More Important Than Ever . . .

With self-publishing gaining ground as a Preferred mode of delivering the creative output of writers to readers, readers themselves are becoming the new gatekeepers in the Book World—replacing publishers as the Deciders of who reads what

For anyone who can’t quite see how readers could make informed decisions about book-value that could shape a book’s wider acceptance, consider a few thoughts I shared in the previous post Book > Brain > Heart ~ Literary Magic . . .:

“Ever had a book’s story seem more real than everyday life?

“Ever had fiction teach you a life lesson in three days that had eluded you for years?

“If so, you’ve proven that your interior sense of meaning has creative power that can shape the outer, “real” world

“The Book > Brain > Heart formula is the Reading Journey.”

This completely common reaction to books means that readers are in an excellent position to help authors promote their work.

In fact, traditional publishers have spent their thousands on media blitzes only to hope that enough concerned readers would take over the work and spread interest through word-of-mouth.

These days, word of mouth is exponentially-aided by word-of-‘Net—electronic, world-wide amplification of reader-interest.


If you’re a reader and you love an author and that author isn’t yet widely read, you have a tremendous opportunity to help spread the word!

I’m sending deep thanks out to Donna Galanti for linking to three blog posts that share many ways readers can help the authors they love:

Keli Gwyn in 12 Ways to Help Your Friends’ Pre-Release Promotion Efforts

Deborah Raney in How can you help promote a new book?

Jody Hedlund in 20 Easy Ways Readers Can Help Promote a Book


Bonus Idea: Many of these methods can be used by the author themselves :-)
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