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Happy World Book Day :-) or is it??

Some folks might be confused…

There are at least two World Book Days…

Today is World Book Day in the U.K. and IrelandWorld Book Day-UK-Ireland

UNESCO_World_Book_and_Copyright_Day April 23rd is the World Book Day sponsored by the United Nations.

from Wikipedia:

“The connection between 23 April and books was first made in 1923 by booksellers in Catalonia, Spain. The original idea was from the Valencian writer Vicente Clavel Andrés as a way to honor the author, Miguel de Cervantes, who died on this date. In 1995 UNESCO decided that the World Book and Copyright Day would be celebrated on 23 April, as the date is also the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, as well as that of the birth or death of several other prominent authors.”

And, here’s the reasoning for the U.K./Ireland celebration today:

“This date came about after serious thought and lengthy discussion to ensure that we were making the best decision for all participants and our supporters. We take into consideration religious holidays, school terms and potential conflict with other charitable activities.”

What would you do, if you knew it was World Book Day, to celebrate it?


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