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When A Manuscript Turns Into A Book ~ Very Strange . . .

I published Notes from An Alien on May 2nd and the copies I ordered arrived today

Having lived with the book in note form, then outline form, then various forms of manuscript hadn’t prepared me for how strange it would feel to hold the published book in my hands

I’d held books I’ve published in my hands before and it was always a good feeling. This time, though, the book seemed like it was someone else’s. Of course, I had a “co-author” on this book, Sena Quaren (also, a character in the book...); but, that wasn’t why the book didn’t feel like “mine”. It all goes back to how the book was written

When I wrote the poems that became a book, I’d experienced the feeling many authors describe of “wondering who actually wrote the words”.

With Notes from An Alien that feeling was magnified. “Something” wrote this book and even if that something resides in my mind, I’m unfamiliar enough with it to have felt not only that the book “wrote itself” but also that the book made demands on me, countered most of the creative intuitions I had during the writing, made me do things I didn’t particularly relish–yet, I had to agree that the book’s own logic was better than mine, had more integrity

Now that the book exists in physical form, I’m learning about the wild and woolly realm of book distribution. More on that in the next post

So, as I explained before, even though the book is for sale, I’m still giving it away for free.
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