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Need Some ENERGY To Get Busy On Book Promotion? ~ Meet Jonah Berger :-)

On April 3rd I published a post called, How Can An Author Make Their Book Go Viral?

It had a 40 minute video of Jonah Berger, Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. jonah

He has a new book out that gives the simple yet powerful results of his years of research on exactly why things catch on.

When I introduced the video in that post, I said:

“Watch the video, not to learn the techniques but to have some of Jonah’s ENERGY galvanize you to, at least, begin to think differently about how to promote your writing, and, hopefully, get the book and the free application-guide and  learn the techniques :-)”

I’ve started reading the book and I’m hooked.

The 30 posts I’ve published about book promotion are good, solid information, but Jonah’s stuff is Way Better :-)

If 40 minutes of video seems a bit long for you, I’m sharing two more videos of Jonah that are 7 and 4 minutes long

The first will let you get to know Jonah and what he’s up to and the second explores why certain things go viral.


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