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Interview With A Crayon Box . . .

I may post links to my blog posts on Google Plus but I’ve given up trying to find meaningful relationships in the normal social networking channels.

I use the virtual world Second Life for socializing and book promotion.

One of the highlights of my week is attending the Happy Hours held by Hakeber Haber (Rebekah Webb in real life)—Tuesday and Thursday at 4 pm USA-Pacific Time.

She reads a bit of her extremely well-written horror then has her character, Car Johnson, come into the Writer’s Block Cafe and read his short stories about his life.

Car also has his own blog and the other day he interviewed a crayon box :-)

Even if you never visit Second Life, even if you never come to Book Island’s Writer’s Block Cafe, even if you never hear Car Johnson read his stories, you really should go read his interview with a crayon box
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Author Interview ~ Sarah E. Glenn

This is the second author Mini-Interview taken from the weekly newsletter on Book Island in the virtual world, Second Life.

On with the interview :-)

So, Sarah, when did you start writing?

Very young, not sure how old. I loved reading so much as a child, I couldn’t imagine a more noble pursuit than writing. Still can’t. My first stories were comic book stories. I wrote and drew.

What were your early writings about?

I began with horse stories, witch stories, and Betty and Veronica. I prefer Betty, BTW. Later, I matured to the X-Men. My non-artistic writing era started with Zelazny fanfiction. I love the original Amber series.

Would you tell us a bit about your “writing habits”?

My habits… I put off writing for as long as I can. When the guilt and internal pressure get high enough–or I have a deadline–I begin writing. I continue until the scene is done, or I am ready to Run Screaming Into the Night (TM). I do this again and again until I’m finished.

When were you published?

Non-fiction: I self-published newsletters for two Pagan groups. Later, I started political blogging for Bluegrass Roots, now defunct. Biggest thrill: live blogging from the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO.

Wow, I bet that was way interesting

And, your fiction?

I started getting short stories published in the early 00’s. I write horror and mystery stories. Most are funny, but not all of them. My first novel, All This and Family, Too, has just been published by Pill Hill Press.

Congratulations and, please, tell us about your book.

All This and Family, Too is the story of a vampire who moves into a gated community and discovers that the true name of horror is “Neighborhood Association”. She must face it with the help of her loving but equally unconventional family. It’s a tale of extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances.

There are a lot of brooding vampires out there with both angst and income of unknown origin. My characters never brood for undefined reasons. Vampires were all human once, and mine have human problems… whether they want them or not.

I love it, “extraordinary people in ordinary circumstances” :-)

Sarah, thanks so much for taking the time to share a bit about your writing life and your book!!


Folks, you can find out a lot more on Sarah’s Web Site :-)
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