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Preparing To Write A Book . . .

If you’re new here, please notice, in the left side-bar, the link to get a free copy of the novel I published a year and two days ago :-)

Notes from An Alien isn’t really one book, though.

It’s one story told in three ways—a novel, a collection of short stories, and a collection of poetry.

Some feel it’s science fiction and I can’t fault them since it happens 12 light-years from Earth—still, I feel it’s a history of a civilization that finds its way from rank greed and war to enduring peace and tranquility

I spent over 20 years in research before I wrote the first book; though, while I was doing the research, I didn’t know it was for a book

I’ve spent a year doing more research since publishing book one and may take another year before book two is released.

My “normal” method of preparation for writing is to read various other works, chosen with a combination of reason and intuition, to have those works Massage my mind.

I know some authors who can’t read other authors while preparing for their own book for fear of “copying”.

I’ve never had that problem

I just finished re-reading the 928-page Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson and am finishing the second half of God Passes By by Shoghi Effendi, which I’ve read before, either two or three times…

I tucked Cryptonomicon into the middle of God Passes By specifically to “embed” a cult-classic into a reading of a religious history

Next, I’ll be reading seven short stories and three novels by Fritz Leiber because my all-time favorite author, C. J. Cherryh, said she learned to write by reading Fritz :-)

If I told you what I’ve already read and what I have yet to read, beyond the above, this would cease to be blog-post-length

I will mention, though, that I unearthed my original notes for book one and incorporated some of them into the notes I’m keeping for book two—35 pages and counting

One reason I read so much to prepare to write is that the Massaging I mentioned is my way of inputting emotional-textures and letting them stew. When the pot is boiling just right, I write………

How do you prepare for your writing?

Do you consider all the preparation just as much a part of Writing as the physical writing itself?
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