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Can A World Government Be Anything But A Dictatorship?

Here we are at Friday again with another Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien post.

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Today’s post does constitute a Spoiler but you could read the book in a short time (about 100 pages) and come back to this post, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like spoilers

The following scenes are not in the published edition.

They all occur before Angi attains its final form of government.

And, they all occur way before Angi finds enduring Peace


Zeman was stunned.

“The war’s over?”

“Yes, Zeman. Finally

“But, Torin, what will we do?”

“Start over

“With what?”

“With hope


Chief Sastu called the Corporate Leadership Council to order.

“We have much work ahead of us. We must still  assure that the proposed Worlds’ Council, if it comes into being, names us the planet’s representa—”

Member Hadur interrupted with, “The hell you say, Sastu, we need to get someone to attack the Worlds’ Coun—”

Member Rela interrupted with, “Shut up Hadur, what we have to do is apply for a flight to Anla—get away from this doomed Wor—”

Member Newu interrupted with, “We should all commit suicide


Anga’s Planetary Leadership Council met under its usual duress from attempting to keep their planet alive.


Leadership Councils on both the corporate and religious Worlds of Angi were struggling with the terms proposed for a Worlds’ Council.


Zeman and Torin continued their struggle up the hill.

Zeman said, “You think seeing these people will help?”

“These people are sane and compassionate.”

“But, you really think they can help us with our business?”

“I do.”

Velu and Zena greeted Zeman and Torin as they approached the door to the humble cottage.

They got them settled and offered refreshments.

Velu said, “I felt you coming to us many miles away. You want our help with your business.”

Zeman said, “We’ve heard about your abilities in Plasma communication but how much do you know?”

“You have an import business—used to deal in household goods—all your facilities were destroyed two years ago and you’ve been looking for ways to re-establish your business ever since.”

Torin said, “Yes, and rumor has it you know more about this proposed Worlds’ Council than anyone.”

Zena said, “Velu and I have been the main promoters of the Council.”

Velu said, “You want to know if the Worlds’ Council will implement a resurrection initiative for trade businesses.”

“Yes!”, said Torin and Zeman.

Velu continued:

“Don’t wait for the Worlds’ Council, they’ll have their hands full for years just making sure the Territorial, Regional, and Local Councils are up and functioning. Plus, we have great faith but less then certain knowledge that the current Leadership Councils will affirm election of the Worlds’ Council. I would recommend you get to know the members of the Anlan Leadership Council—offer to help them establish new trade conditions.”


Ronu and Ean began their conversation in earnest as soon as the waiter had taken their order and left.

Ean said, “So, how’s the organizing going?”

“Could be better and I think we need another fear campaign.”

“Worried the Worlds’ Council will actually be voted in?”

“Everybody wants it, they’re crazy for it.”

“That’s because it’s the best thing that could happen for them.”

“What!? You, too?”

“No, it won’t be the best thing for us, just for them. It’s a brilliant plan, even if most of it comes straight from that religious book.”

“The Aklans

“Yes, I still don’t know how some crazed prophet came up with a form of government that’s so rational.”

“You still sound like you support it, Ean

“Never. Rational is not what will help us. We want dominance. We want freedom. We want massive profit.”



Preeko sat with her grandfather on the back porch of his ancient home.

After he’d drunk his liquor she began the conversation she’d been aching to start.

“Grandfather, you think this Worlds’ Council will work?”

“So, you’re into that, eh?”

“Lots of my friends are talking about it.”

“And, I suppose you don’t know the details?”

“I did look at one of the reports—looks like the Leadership Councils will accept it

“It’s about time somebody did something decent.”


“Girl, we have two Worlds that were at war for hundreds of years—one nearly dead—one waking up from insanity.”

“Yes, but wouldn’t it be better for the Worlds’ to choose what’s best for each, not have some looming government rule everything?”

“You’re confusing independence with irresponsibility.”


“They aren’t really two Worlds anymore, Preeko; what with all these spaceships it’s like one World in two places.”

“I see that grandfather, but their histories are so different

“And, their people are so damned the same.

“Yes, I see that……

“So, what’s stuck in your throat?”

“Well, spit it out, girl.”

“Lots of folks are saying it came straight from Akla’s Writings.”


“How can a religion have principles that will work for everyone?”

“Don’t matter where the plan came from, it’s the best set of thoughts I’ve ever read.”

“How do you see it working for everyone without becoming something evil?”

“You familiar with the structure?”

“Local Councils vote for Regional Councils, Regionals vote for Territorials, Territorials vote for Worlds’ Council, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong with that?”

“Seems there could be all kinds of deals worked, at all those levels, to favor certain people

“Seems any system will take some time to prove itself, eh?”

“But, what guarantees are there that the Worlds’ Council won’t become evil?”

“Guarantees are only as good as the people who make them.”


“People have to recover from the War first. They need some way to exercise their rational abilities—a way to practice making good decisions. Sure there’ll be some mistakes and some problems; but, a Worlds’ government voted in from the bottom up is the only way all the people can practice being sane.”

“I think I understand

“Dear Preeko, you better understand. I ain’t gonna be around long enough to keep explaining


Things slowly got better.

People slowly got wiser.

Atrocities did occur from time to time but less frequently as stability grew.

A new consciousness slowly spread—a sense of Oneness—a sense of peace
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Why In The World Publish A Novel Promoting Global Peace?

Welcome to another post in the Special Friday Series, Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

Clicking that Behind The Scenes link in the last sentence will take you to the full series and clicking on the Notes from An Alien link will let you have a Free Copy of the novel

In the last two and a half years of writing this blog, primarily devoted to Explorations In Reading, Writing, and Publishing, I’ve also kept readers up to date on the journey my self-published novel is taking.

Some of the most revealing posts, those that get into my motivations for writing the book, are:

Global Peace ~ Can It Happen?, in which I said:

“There’s an insidious idea afoot that global peace is impossible. This post will point you toward resources that uphold its possibility and, perhaps, its inevitability.

“Saying global peace is impossible depends on folks believing that ‘human nature’ includes an ineradicable desire to be selfish and contentious. Some people feel that ‘human nature’ is such that, given half a chance, any human will ‘naturally’ use violence to attain their ends.

“I leave it to you to decide what human nature is; but, what I must propose, what I’m incapable of holding back, is my belief that human nature contains the possibility to be as barbaric as an animal as well as  to be as divine as an angel.

“It’s education and the human will that are critical in deciding which direction any human takes their potential.”

In the post, The Power of The Powerless, I said:

“Is there something in your life that has made you endure the Unspeakable? Have you reached the stage where there is nothing left worth fearing—a state that often carries within it the Power to fight for Survival?

“I fear for our World—I have for years and it’s crippled many hopes and dreams that I’ve let die. But, I’d reached the state where I had nothing more to lose and I wrote my book.”

And, in What Made You Write That Book?, I wrote:

“Without giving you my whole personal history—all of which somehow feeds into why I wrote the book—I’ll at least mention how my early 60s were the ‘worst’ time of my life

“I faced severe depression based on a decades-long series of remarkably bad decisions.

“I also lived through the treatment for Hepatitis C (a deadly virus that attacks the liver).

“This necessary regimen was an invasion of drugs, 11 months long, that I can best characterize as ‘sledgehammer medicine’

“To my delight, I had a remarkable spiritual renewal during the horrible physical experience.

“In fact, the whole cycle of despair, threat of death, and dreadful-treatment-inducing-renewed-confidence-and-hope can be seen as a rehearsal for the plotting of Notes from An Alien.”

Finally, in Why People Won’t Like My Book And Why They Might Want To Consider Reading It…, I said:

“I often have to battle feelings of rank stupidity when I compare what I’m doing to what popular authors have mastered. Of course I only feel stupid on the days when my work to promote the book has completely worn me to a quivering frazzle

“Still, I went into this project with clear eyes about what most of the reading public wants and what I felt I had to offer them.

“Let me be painfully clear:

“Our world is in grave peril.

“People are regularly being lied to and manipulated by the powers that be.

“The powers that be have no rational solutions for the multiple, global crises humanity is suffering through. They, essentially, could care less

“Most folks who love to read just want something to help them ignore the intense pressures of daily living and escape to worlds that entertain or ‘safely’ thrill.”


Why In The World Publish A Novel Promoting Global Peace?

— I had to

— I deeply feel folks need to consider the possibility of Global Peace

— The basic considerations of what it will take to bring Peace into being needed to be cast in a fictional framework so people could absorb the ideas in the most “painless” way I could present them

Another reminder:

These Behind The Scenes posts are for You—take that link up there for a free copy—read the novel—come back to Any of these Friday posts and ask me Any questions about the book :-)
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The “Bad” People in “Notes from An Alien”

More revelations in this Friday Special, Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

There are some Spoilers this time so, if you don’t want advance information before you read the book, just grab a Free Copy—it is a short novel and you just might be able to finish it before I write the next Friday post :-)

And, don’t forget, you can ask me Any questions about the book in the Comments of Any of these Friday Specials

Let’s get down to it.

The Corporate World, Anga, created two classes of undesirables and the first chapter gives this explanation:


   ShipOne continued its light-powered flight toward Anla surrounded by the aurora of electromagnetic interaction with Anga’s plasma tail.

The passengers continued to speculate on their future.

Most could only feel doom. These were the “mentally unstable” among Anga’s criminals.

The rest, the “religiously unbalanced”, had mixed feelings.

Mentally unstable to the Angan leadership meant an unwillingness to adhere to norms—a pernicious streak of wild inventiveness that refused to conform to the wishes of the Corporation. Their ideas were often used but never attributed to them. They feared being shipped to a World reported to be completely organized according to various religious standards.

Most of the religious criminals were of the Harian persuasion, followers of Akla. The rest were truly lost souls, hoping for salvation from their new masters on Anla.


Fairly obvious here—these folks are “bad” because the Corporate leaders decree it.

Anga is the logical extreme of the brand of corporatism that is ravaging most of the Earth now.

It’s a good thing Notes from An Alien is fiction because it was quite painful crafting some of the scenes that deal with Anga’s woes

One thing I did try to show was that, no matter how long a specifically greedy corporatism can maintain power, eventually it strangles itself—it just isn’t in line with reality.

I want to expand on the part that says, “The rest were truly lost souls, hoping for salvation from their new masters on Anla.”

Even though the Corporate leaders are bad, the priests on Anla are worse—though I have referred to both sets of leaders as Fundamentalists

There is one religion on Anla that isn’t quite so bad but none of them are of the sterling character of the Aklans.

If the Corporate leaders are bad in a Cold way, the priests are bad in a viciously Hot way.

Now on to chapter eight, after the groundwork for a Worlds’ Government is established.

Since this governing has no enduring moral fiber—is still merely political—a desperate response to the War’s end; and, even though it has jurisdiction on two separate Worlds, the improvements in daily life that order has evoked are soon to be attacked

Here is the introductory scene for the other bad folks:


Chirzt and Laiy were meeting with the twenty-six people who had been recruited for their cause. Nineteen were Independents—those who wanted to influence the Worlds’ Council toward more liberal attitudes—attitudes that included measures that fostered more control by individuals over the flow of goods and the practice of services. Seven of the recruits were Dissatisfieds—those who could be used to foment various forms of insurrection to support the desires of the Independents.


It should be fairly obvious that the Independents are holdovers from the days of Corporate Anga.

The Dissatisfieds are tools—perhaps the most lost souls in the book

I used my six decades of suffering through our materialistic culture to fashion the Corporate World.

The Religious World was necessary for three reasons:

— as a foil for the Corporate World

— as a representation of what can happen when religion is the thrall of dogma

— because both my parents were ministersGod love ’em

... do, please, feel free to ask me any questions about any part of the book in the Comments
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Why Write A Novel To Try To Help Our World?

This is the 15th post in my Friday Special Behind The Scenes of Notes from An Alien.

While I discuss various aspects of the novel, you can ask Any questions about the book in any of these Friday posts.

Though available in print and e-book formats, the novel is free to download.

A previous Behind The Scenes post called What Made You Write That Book? began the tale of why I chose to write Notes from An Alien.

I’ll continue today

About 57 years ago, this little boy spoke aloud as he walked down a city street, “There’s too much traffic!”

I never have had a long spell in my life when I was able to adjust to the prevailing cultural conditions.

The main reason I’ve identified for this malaise is the high level of materialism.

There’s nothing wrong, per se, with the material world—I happen to believe it’s a school house to ready us for an everlasting spiritual world

What’s wrong, in my estimation, is that the balance of spiritual and material is lacking—way too much materialism.

I love my computer, I like comfortable clothes, living in a safe building suits me just fine.

However, dealing with rampant crime is unnerving, dealing with folks who have no hope and act in unstable ways is creepy, having companies care more about their bottom line than my satisfaction is disturbing.

Take a moment and jot down your three most powerful pet peeves

Odds are they, in some way, arise due to an imbalance toward materialism in our culture.

My novel certainly isn’t the first to address what’s wrong in our world.

If you see it as science fiction (which my characters don’t) it’s not the first Sci-Fi novel addressing humanity’s ills.

Mine may be unique in the “solutions” offered

People scream for Justice and justice is necessary.

However, it is my firm belief that we won’t have Universal Justice until we have a general sense of Oneness on the planet—Unity, even while maintaining ripe diversity.

Make it simple—you and another person have to get along.

If you can’t find something that unifies you, ties your motivations together, you won’t get along very well, or at all

Finding what can Unify humans is the major task facing the world.

My novel explores that theme………
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Earth-like Issues In An Alien Story . . .

This post is part of the new Friday series: Behind The Scenes of the story Notes from An Alien.

If you want to avoid having “spoilers” intrude on your enjoyment of the book, just grab a free copy and read it before you dive deeply into this series of posts—the book is short and, deep

This post has “abstract” “spoilers”  Meaning that no actual plot-turnings are revealed but aspects of the themes are indicated

Still, one of the main characters of the novel (who I also consider my “co-author”) says, right at the beginning:

“This is a tale that spans a large tract of time: from the horrific 500-year war to the immaculate peace—a peace we feel will never falter since we so often stumbled, fell, and rose again on the road we had to create to find that peace.”

So We begin with the “spoiler” that these people actually get to a lasting peace

How they get there is quite another story :-)

There are many things to say about the symbolism of Notes from An Alien and one of our most devoted readers has me working on a special post.

Today, though, I want to increase your understanding of the breadth of the story

Shortly after Notes was published, I read through it again to extract the Principles addressed.

I used that list to begin an event on Book Island in the virtual world Second Life.

Many months of sessions saw people from around the globe gathering in the same virtual space and discussing issues drawn from the struggle the Angians in the novel went through; yet, nearly all of those people never read the book—the issues and principles are quite easily transferred from the Angi Star System to Earth.

That group on Book Island has matured; gone through a further six months of in-depth discussion of yet more considerations bearing on Global Peace; and, has recently transformed itself into a self-organizing group—an association of people from many countries, exploring new directions in aiding a culture of peace

So, here are those issues and principles we took such care in researching, the numbers being the chapters of Notes from An Alien in which they feature strongly:

How Does Corporate Greed Keep Our World from Global Peace?
1, 2

How Does Corporate “Control” of Populations Keep The World from Global Peace?
1, 2, 4

How Do Religious Wars and Strife Keep Us from Global Peace?
1, 2, 3

Exploring Some of The Prophetic Predictions About An Age of Total Peace and Security on Earth.
1, 3, 5

Wars — Just and Unjust — Can Certain Wars Help Bring Peace?
1, 10

Is Constant Materialistic Expansion A Valid Path Toward Global Peace?
1, 2, 11

How Do “Non-Religious” Religions Keep The World from Peace?
1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 13

Does Military Control of Populations Ever Aid The Path Toward Global Peace?

Is There Such A Thing As Rational Religion & Can It Help Us Achieve Peace?
2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11

How Does Corporate Ecological Damage Keep Us from Global Peace?
2, 4, 5

Can The Material Realm Be Balanced With The Spiritual Realm and Would This Aid Global Peace?
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 19

Can Science Be Balanced With Faith and Would This Aid Global Peace?
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 15

What is “Spiritual Practice” and Can It Aid The Path Toward Peace?
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11

What Are The Costs of War And How Do They Affect Peace?
3, 4, 5, 10, 11

What Changes In Governance Might Be Helpful To Aid Global Peace?
4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14

How Would An Awareness of The Oneness of All People Aid The Path Toward Peace?
6, 7, 8, 14, 16, 19

How Do Economic Issues Affect Efforts for Peace?
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

What Are The Roles of Altruism and Sacrifice In The Work for Global Peace?
7, 9, 11, 17

What Is True Peace?
11, 12, 17, 18, 19

Perhaps, some of you would care to comment…?

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