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Get Some Free E-Books on Digital Book Day !

There used to be a World Book Night but they lost their funding…

However, I found out, through Jane Friedman, that bestselling author CJ Lyons has created the first Digital Book Day 

July 14th. Digital Book Day

You can visit the site but the free downloads won’t begin until this coming Monday—though, you might want to head over early to check out some of the books and make room for a new stack in the to-be-read corner of your mind—there’s already a super-long list of authors participating.

Here are just a few excerpts from an interview with Jane and CJ:

Jane: “Your idea picks up where World Book Night left off. Tell us about your experience with it. And why were you sorry to see this event fold?”

CJ: “When I heard the news that World Book Night USA was over, it saddened me. And it came on the heels of so much upheaval and distress in the publishing industry that instead of addressing the issue with more rhetoric and empty words, I decided to take action.”

Jane: “Is there any catch for readers who download the free books? Do they have to give their email address, fill out a form, or do anything special?”

CJ: “It depends on the author….Just as with selecting any book, it will be up to the reader to decide if the book and/or venue where it’s hosted is right for them.”

If you’re an author and want to participate, here’s the submission link; but, the deadline is “midnight” July 12th.

Here’s what she says to contributing authors on her About Page:

“How you do it is up to you. Use your website, a digital venue, or a giveaway site. Want to give away a bundle or story collection? Fine with us. Want to promote a book that’s already permafree? We don’t care. Want to band together and do a group promo with friends? We think that would be brilliant!”

And, here’s a most intriguing explanation about why she’s doing this:

“With all the chaos surrounding our industry, we thought it time to focus on the one person publishing can not survive without: The Reader.”

You can even sign up for notification of the next Digital Book Day :-)

Also, CJ has this fascinating and helpful page on her site—Tired of People Telling you the RULES Instead of Giving you the Tools you Need to Just WRITE?

And, CJ has an incredible program to help cops get CSI training so they can catch more criminals…

Want to know more about this fascinating woman—former Pediatric ER Doctor and current bestselling thriller writer—who created Digital Book Day?

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