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#Recommended Site for #Writers

Literative - Site for Book Lovers and Writers I’m forgoing the regular re-blog today because I was interviewed about my writing life and works on Literative.

The new me-the-blogger will return tomorrow and you can help inspire what I write in the comments of this post

The interviewer from Literative was Rachel Richey; and, I found the experience painless and enjoyable.

When we were through, I asked her if there were any specifics about Literative that she’d liked mentioned in this post.

She said:

“We do interviews, contests, and blog articles about writing topics. We help inspire writers of all interests and abilities to not give up and to keep writing! We feel like author Brenda Ueland, who said: ‘…everybody is talented, original and has something important to say.’  They just sometimes need a little help saying it.”

So, as the talking heads on TV like to say, let’s unpack that :-)

Here’s Literative‘s official statement about itself:

“Anyone who is an avid reader or an aspiring author, a great listener or a movie lover, knows the value of a good story. Stories help shape how we view and relate to the world around us. Stories keep us company when we’re lonely and make us laugh when we’re sad. Stories teach us and challenge us to think differently; to act differently. Everyone has a story to share. Everyone has something valuable to say. But sometimes they simply need a little motivation, a little encouragement, or a little prompt in order to get started.”

Literative has these main sections:



Modern Authors Directory
Literary Articles
Author Interview Form
Writing Stories Using The Snowflake Method
How Many Words Should My Book Be?
How to Improve Your Writing Using Writing Prompts

So, whatever your station as a writer, I heartily recommend you check out Literative :-)

And, I’ll be here tomorrow with a post crafted from the inspirations I receive in the comments of yesterday’s post
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