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World Peace ~ Fiction or Reality ?

I published a novel last May ((for Free)) that explores what it takes to establish Enduring Peace.

I spent over 20 years doing the research for the novel

Peace, in our day and age, is a very complex, multidimensional proposition.

Should fiction be used to encourage people to work toward World Peace?

There are three past posts that approach that question from varying angles:

Writing Fiction To Make A Difference In The World

Do Creative Writers Have Social “Responsibilities”?

Fiction and Social Justice ~ Can They Coexist?

While I absolutely don’t feel and certainly can’t imagine that all creative writers Must labor to weave social issues into their work, I deeply hope more of them will—I think our Human Family deserves it

Whether you’re a Reader, Writer, or Publisher

If you have similar feelings

If you want to help humanity

If those people on the other side of the World are in your Family

If you like challenges

If you can maintain a positive attitude in spite of the mayhem of our World’s Situation, you should be able to appreciate a video with Paddy Ashdown.

Even though he’s a politician and diplomat, he makes some remarkable sense

If nothing else, Readers can get ideas for books to seek-out, Writers can obtain some writing prompts, and Publishers can ponder global networking.

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