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Are You Preparing for #Publishing or #SelfPublishing or #IndiePublishing?

Explanation of the title of this post

#Publishing means Traditional Publishing.

And, I do have a past post that discusses the similarities and differences between #SelfPublishing and #IndiePublishing


Let me share one official Huge Heap of Info about all types of “publishing”:

First is The Key Book Publishing Paths: 2019-20 by Jane Friedman.

Also from Jane Friedman, 4 Lessons for Authors on the Current State of Publishing.

And, since publishing is only the beginning of a book’s life and it must be introduced to the world, here’s an article on Jane’s blog—How to Save Money and Do Online Book Publicity Yourself.

Also, since “publishing” can mean all of these—To issue to the public, To produce and offer for sale, To put into circulation, To make public, To divulge, To announce, and To proclaim—here’s Jane Friedman in a “podcast with images” from the Future of Publishing’s Indie Author Fringe

Plus, here’s a video about the future of publishing from Mark Coker of Smashwords:

Finally, since releasing a book without proper editing can be a form of Publishing-Death, here’s a video with the inimitable Roz Morris conducting a discussion with Ricardo Fayet, Laxmi Hariharan, and Andy Lowe:

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#BookMarketing ~ Making Sense of #AuthorPromotion

I’ve written here before about Book Marketing… 

I’ve discussed my disdain for the term “marketing” and my grudging acceptance of “Book Promotion“.

I’ve explained that snagging a traditional book deal doesn’t guarantee a writer can forget about promoting their book (unless that “writer” happens to be wildly famous…).

I’ve discussed the buzz-term, Author Platform (and, its cousin “Personal Branding”).

In fact, there’s an excellent article, by journalist Ann Friedman, that traces the history of Personal Branding and leaves you wondering whether current advice for writers is, in any way, rational. The title is very revealing—Me Inc. ~ The paradoxical, pressure-filled quest to build a “personal brand”.

Just one quote from the article:

“I’ve noticed a paradox: The more time I spend defining my personal brand, the more contrived it feels when I talk about myself.”

Even though the article casts a rather lurid light on branding, I recommend eager authors read it as part of their making sense of what to do to promote themselves.

One thing is certain.

If you publish a book and tell no one about it, no one will buy it—even if you want to give it away, no one will take it if you don’t tell them about it


Writers have a need to consider various promotional strategies and choose or create one that won’t drive them crazy


When I decided what to write about today, it actually wasn’t, at first, about what Ann Friedman had to say about Personal Branding.

It was about what Fauzia Burke, Founder & President of FSB Associates, has to say about Book Marketing.

She started her company in 1995 and there should be no surprise that she can say it was “one of the first firms to specialize in Internet publicity and marketing for publishers and authors”.

So, here’s me, not liking the term “Book Marketing”, in fact not liking most of what most anyone has to say about the topic; and, here’s the title of an article by the Founder of one of the first companies to specialize in the field—10 Things I Know for Sure About Book Marketing.

I’m going to list those ten things and urge you to go read the full article—also, I must ask you to be aware that some of her points sure don’t sound like a person who runs a marketing firm

1. You can’t just do social media.

2. Don’t try and do everything.

3. Don’t try to promote your book to everyone.

4. The tortoise can beat the hare.

5. The age of generalists is over.

6. Think long-term.

7. Talking to people is a great privilege.

8. Go for engagement.

9. Start now.

10. Give value to your customer.

If you happen to read Fauzia’s article (and/or Ann’s), I’d love it if you could share your thoughts and feelings in the Comments
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