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Friday Story Bazaar ~ Tale Ninety-Two

False Friends

Alexander M Zoltai



~~~ at the cafe:

Bill gave a deep sigh and said: “Life’s too hard…”

Jim patiently replied: “You’re sounding positively pessimistic…”

“I’m not only that, I’m also quite fatalistic…”

“What’s got ya down?”

“The usual—the world!”


“Can’t talk about it right now…”


~~~ at Jim’s apartment:

Jim gave his friend a tired look and said: “Bill, I’m worried about ya…”

“So am I… I don’t know what I can do—it’s all too much…”

“Well, we know I’m not as smart as you; but, I wanna try to help—what’s a huge specific thing that’s got ya down?”

“The Emperors haven’t, at all, disappeared; and, the Courtiers have multiplied—sure, their names have changed—lords are legislators and ladies are legislatorettes; but, they’re all unsexed automatons—can’t even stop their prancing around their Emperor long enough to make some laws that will start protecting kids at school!”

“Ah… That was a tragedy…”

“No! It’s all an apocalyptic catastrophe… It’s a fact that there are twice as many dead school kids this year, so far, than all the dead military in combat zones…”

“No shit?”

“It’s the numbers, man, tally ‘em up—sick, sick, sick…”

~~~ at the cafe ~ Ann joins Jim and Bill:

“Well boys, what’s kickin’?”

“Bill’s got me convinced the world’s nearly reached hell in its handbag…”

“Now how could I have missed that, Bill?”

“Because, sweet Ann, language has been subverted—meaning has been raped…”

“Uhh… My dear smart ass, Bill—do you deem me worthy of an explanation?”

“For your adoring consideration, Ann, the Rulers of our lives call massacres ‘tragedies’; and, when they need to act like they’re doing more than finding ways to get more gold from the one percent, they talk about ‘Important Considerations’ that are ‘Compelling’ them to ‘Discuss Possible Decisions’ that ‘Might Lead’ to ‘Important Actions’ to ‘Remedy’ the ‘Situation’…”

“What the hell…?”

“Kids are needlessly dying Ann—gunned down by the dozens; and, the ‘Elected Officials’ are dancing with each other in the halls of their brothel which they call ‘Government’…”

“Oh… That…”

“Jim, would you like to give Ann a clue?”

“Uhh… Bill… I think you just did…”

“Really? Then why is she just sitting there staring at you like she wants to take you to her brothel?”

“Bill, I think you’re losing your mind—there’s nothing to do except get along and try to have some fun. What the hell can we do about anything?”

Bill got up, bowed to them both, exited the cafe; and, they never saw him again…


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