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Author Platforms & Email Lists…

As I went through the process of writing the book I recently published ( use the link in the left side-bar to get a free copy :-), I began sending out various incarnations of the book: first clean draft, second clean draft, ready for the editor draft, after the editor draft, after the Review Office draft, “final” draft, “Final” draft, and, finally, the Real Final Manuscript.

I sent them out freely and got some feedback (there seems to be never enough of that) but, most importantly, I saved everyone’s email address.

There are very few of the now over 140 folks who’ve received some form of the book whom I know. I have little information on who’s actually read it or what they think of it.


I have a list of people who were curious enough about my book to let me send them a free copy with no strings attached.

Some “experts” of book promotion and building author platforms will tell you what I’ve done is insane. Some will wonder what good it could do. Some will see that I’ve built a powerful tool to stay in touch with folks who have already shown some interest in my work.

When I feel it’s the right time, I will communicate with my list of somewhat interested people, ask them what they thought, let them know what I’m up to, give the folks who only got a first draft a free copy of the final manuscript; and, encourage those who haven’t yet read it to do so…


I’ve been doing something that many folks with more experience than me have said is important—building an email list.

The fact that I’ve done it differently than many of them might have counseled me is something that time will have to test for its worthiness…

Have you built an email list?

Have you thought about building one?

Do you know of other ways to create an author platform?

I hope you’ll share your thoughts and feelings in the comments…
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