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E-Book Publishing ~ An Update from Jane Friedman

This is the 45th post on this blog dealing with the ideas and opinions of Jane Friedman; and, yes, it’s not my normal Thursday Re-blog :-)

Jane, on her About Page, says this:

“I earn my living as an entrepreneur and freelancer; my goal is to be truly independent of any obligation to an employer, business, or organization….My income is driven largely by my own writing and teaching, as well as consulting services for writers, and I consider my interests to be aligned with writers’ interests.”


Her blog post—How to Publish an Ebook: Resources for Authors—is an unbiased yet informed set of guidelines and resources.

She begins the post with this:

“About the only thing that remains constant in ebook publishing is that it changes—everything from the services to marketing strategies. Here, I regularly update best resources I know of related to learning to publish an ebook, finding the right e-publishing distributors and services, and staying on top of changes in the industry.”

Here are her section titles (most are followed by copious links...):

Creating Basic Ebook Files
Creating Enhanced, Multimedia, or Full-Color Ebooks
Choosing Your Ebook Retailers and Distributors
Optimizing Your Product Page and Description
Sales, Marketing, and Promotion
Giveaways and Discounts
Getting Reviews
Facebook Strategies
Advertising and Other Monetary Investments in Book Marketing
Excellent Book-Length Guides on Self-Publishing
To Find Freelance Help
Great Sites That Cover Self-Publishing and Ebook Publishing
News & Trends About Ebook Publishing

I should add that many of the services she links to are beyond the reach of a pension-poor writer like me; though, folks in the “middle class” {do we still have one?} will find them moderately priced
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