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Soon, #Smashwords Will Be an Even Nicer Place for #Publishing…

I’ve been publishing for nearly 13 years; however, almost 7 years ago, I got very serious about it—I used FastPencil to publish a novel that I now give away on Smashwords… Smashwords Publishing

The weird thing is that I’ve known Smashwords is a very cool place to publish for all those nearly 7 years; but then, I am getting fairly old, so nearly everything looks like too much work; still, Smashwords is the easiest publishing I’ve ever done…

So, why will Smashwords soon be even nicer?

A recent email from them had this:

Heads up. This Friday October 27 we’re kicking off the Smart Author Podcast!

It will be a FREE podcast and will feature the Founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker—a man who just might know more about e-publishing than anyone else on the planet…

Here are some scheduling notes from Mark:

These first four episodes launch this Friday [Oct. 27th]:

Seven Trends Shaping the Future of Authorship
Introduction to Ebook Publishing
Bestseller Secrets
How to Sell More Ebooks with Pre-orders

And then these episodes release each week through November:

11/3 – Working with Beta Readers
11/10 – Marketing to Libraries
11/17 – Smashwords Survey 2017
11/24 – The Art of Delusion (How to keep writing despite inevitable challenges)

More episodes are planned for December…

You can listen to an Introductory Trailer right HERE

And, that page also has the following offer [which will disappear Oct. 25th around Noon Pacific time, USA]:

Click Here to apply to join our launch team.  Launch team members gain early access to the first eight episodes along with other exclusive perks.

Finally, you can Subscribe at these locations:

Apple Podcasts

Google Play



Or, you can always Listen Online

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3 More Ways To Publish An E-book

I’ll save what I consider the best for last…

Ebook Publishing

Image Courtesy of Arjun Kartha ~

So, first is a new way to get published through Amazon—a mysterious, possibly breakthrough endeavor.

From TechCrunch‘s article—Amazon Looking To The Wisdom Of Crowds To Find New Authors:

“According to a Kindle Direct Publishing forum user, Amazon is quietly rolling out a way to find diamonds in the proverbial publishing rough. The unnamed project would bring a crowd approach to the acquisition of new titles using a voting system that ranks new books based on crowd favorites.”

And, from The Digital Reader‘s article—Amazon to Launch New Crowd Source Platform, Now Recruiting KDP Authors:

“I’ve confirmed the new program with Amazon pr spokesperson Susan Stockman, who told me that this program will be neither KDP nor Amazon Publishing, but something new. Unfortunately the program is so new that she was unable to provide much additional information.”

However, you can subscribe to get more information from Amazon… {WARNING: since publishing this article, Amazon may have stopped this…}

The second way to publish an e-book is new to me but has been around awhile—NOOK Press. {since publishing this article, it’s been renamed Barnes & Noble Press…}

From their website:

No-Cost Self Publishing
With no delivery fees or production costs, NOOK Press is free to use from start to finish.

We’re Here to Help
We offer live chat services so you can get all your online publishing questions answered in an instant.

Share with Your Community
Find fellow authors, marketing advice, and more with our NOOK Press blog and Facebook communities.

Easy-to-Use Content Tools
NOOK Press lets you write, edit, and format your manuscript in one place. Collaborate with friends and editors directly in NOOK Press.

And, here’s my pick for Most Innovative E-Book Publishing Option, because my Best Friend graciously sent me the link to the Poets & Writers’ article—0s&1s Reinvents E-book Publishing.

From the article:

“Officially, 0s&1s Novels ( is a new independent publisher and distributor of digital literary fiction. But in the context of the ongoing e-book pricing war between some of bookselling’s biggest players…this new start-up offers an indication that maybe the so-called rules of e-book publishing, and the large corporations who are making them, need not shape the digital future.”

And, from 0s&1s’ website:

“We believe technological advances in any art’s medium should help the proliferation of independent, unconventional product.

“But we’re not quite sure this has happened. Despite the fact great novels are consistently being created, only a few make it through the requisite channels to a larger readership.

“The selling of digital books has become an oligopoly, with only a few important players—& a lot of power. The world of e-reading shouldn’t be proprietary to any one brand, reader, or (set of) publishers. Selling a digital book is as simple as transmitting a series of zeroes & ones, & there’s never been a better time to take advantage of that fact.

“Our concept is to distribute digital books that are truly independent, pro-author, green & above all, ambitious. Our writers get 80% of profits, retain full rights to the material & buck the trend, not follow it.”

So, there ya go, three more ways to publish e-books :-)
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