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The End of The World for Writers . . .

We’re still here—Doomsday fizzled—still

Somewhere between 30,000 and 150,000 people will die in our world today

For those lucky enough to be alive, there are still challenges.

What about some of the challenges writers face?

How many writers will give up on their dreams today—how many will put the manuscript away and forget where they put it—how many will drink themselves to death—how many will just cry a bit then suck it up and look for some other way to get published?

I live on a very small military pension and I chose to publish through FastPencil—even though it means saving up for months for each book published.

Still, there are those who should publish and won’t >>> because they’ve run out of traditional publishers to query >>> because for some reason they haven’t quite gotten to a finished draft >>> because they have a good manuscript, don’t want the legacy deal, but refuse to learn how to self-publish

There are even authors who’ve made a steady living through traditional publishing, for a couple decades, yet see a dwindling of profitability due to changes in the legacy model, and refuse to learn how to self-publish—Check-out >>> Can an Old-Fashioned Non-Interactive Author Survive in the Social Age?

So, let’s assume you’re dying to get published, aren’t afraid to learn new tricks, but haven’t been able to find a step-by-step manual.

Try John Picha’s ePub Primer.

Just a few caveats:

John’s primer is about 7 months old.

Self-publishing is evolving rapidly.

If your writing-world isn’t post-apocalyptic, you may want to step up your pace of preparing for publishing.

There is the important consideration of having some method of attracting readers—See >>> 28 posts about Promotion.

You may be nowhere near having your work ready to publish >>> Google Searching on “how to self-publish” will still be available when you are ready :-)

Have you been published traditionally?

Have you been published traditionally but now self-publish?

Have you only been self-published?

Are you considering self-publishing?

Will you share your experiences or feelings (no matter if you’ve published or not) in the Comments? :-)
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