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Author and Book Trivia ~ Consume At Your Own Risk :-)

Since this blog is dedicated to serious posts about Reading, Writing, and Publishing (even when I have a bit of fun in my treatment of certain topics), you won’t see many “fluff” articles

Except for today :-)

I collect articles from many other WebSites and store them for potential future use.

Today, I’ve built-up a collection (mostly from Flavorwire) of “trivial” treatments of authors’ lives and various folks’ foibles about books…

Still, you may find a few of today’s offerings providing the stimulus for profound thought or committed planning

If the flit of a falling leaf can inspire poets to soaring explorations of the human condition, the following links just might provide the catalyst for consuming considerations

Or, you may just have a few minutes of carefree contemplation :-)

The Daily Routines of Great Writers

10 Great Literary Late Bloomers

My Ideal Bookshelf: Portraits of Famous Creators Through the Spines of Their Favorite Books

20 Banned Books That May Surprise You

10 ‘Unfilmable’ Books That Made It to the Big Screen

Authors’ Funniest Responses to the Film Adaptations of Their Work

Famous Last Words: 15 Authors’ Epitaphs

If any of those articles did more than provide a few minutes of pleasant reading, I’d love to hear why in our Comments :-)
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