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Public & Publishers Speak Out To U. S. D. O. J. on Pricing Collusion

E-book prices have been a high profile topic on the blogs for awhile now and so has the lawsuit against 5 of the Big Six U. S. Publishers plus Apple.

Back in March I posted Authors/Readers vs Publishers vs the U.S. Dept. of Justice and since then 3 of the Publishers, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and the Hachette Book Group, denied violating antitrust laws but are settling with the D.O.J.

Penguin Group USA and Macmillan, plus Apple, are gearing up to fight

The D.O.J. is accepting letters till June 25th and you can read some excerpts on paidContent’s Letters to the DOJ: Public speaks out on e-book pricing case.

One excerpt is from author Joe Konrath and he’s put his complete letter on his blog—Joe’s Letter to the DOJ.

There’s also a story in The New York Times with responses from Penguin and Macmillan—2 Publishers Deny Claim of E-Book Price Fixing.

Also, if you’ve not been following the story, the publishers involved are all pointing fingers at Amazon as the company that must be stopped

I’ll put a bit of conversation between authors Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler, from the March post linked-to up there, with their opinions about Amazon as the Bad Guy:

“Joe: The Big Publishing Cartel monopolizes distribution for decades and that’s fine, but some upstart comes in and starts treating authors and readers with consideration, and it is a call to arms.

“Barry: This argument is just bizarre. I mean, Amazon, which sells more books than anyone, is destroying bookselling? Amazon is destroying bookselling by selling tons of books?”

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