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CrowdFunding for Authors

CrowdFunding = “…to help bring creative projects to life.”, according to the famous WebSite, KickStarter.

Crowdfunding for Authors

Image Courtesy of Griszka Niewiadomski ~

Here’s a link to info on 9 other crowdfunding sites

Enter Bethany Carlson—“CFA, loves bringing films, books, and other art to life with the power of crowdfunding! Her passion is making yours possible at The Artist’s Partner. Bethany has a B.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences with an Emphasis in Economics, with Honors, from the University of Washington, and she is a CFA charter-holder. She is a former NASA researcher and teaches math and physics at Renaissance School.”

She has a book on crowdfunding for authors coming out in October

Jane Friedman gave her space to post an excerpt from the book—Crowdfunding Usually Doesn’t Work for Writers—But It Can.

Here come the excerpts:

“Crowdfunding centralizes and organizes your fan base…”

“Crowdfunding is book marketing boot camp and publication day training…”

“Crowdfunding is not easy money.”

“Crowdfunding is not fast money.”

“Crowdfunding is not free money.”

“Writers fail at crowdfunding more frequently than other creatives….because it requires four skills that most writers do not regularly practice….Brevity….Visual design….Collaboration….Self-promotion…”

“The challenges are real—but they are not insurmountable. Over thirty thousand authors have collectively raised over $100 million for their books.”

On the same day Jane let Bethany post the excerpt, they had an interview—Q&A about Crowdfunding for Authors with Bethany Joy Carlson.

Important first excerpt:

“…Bethany Joy Carlson, owner of  The Artist’s Partner…has helped crowdfund over $110,000 for creative projects, including over $70,000 for books.”

Now, to break with certain “traditions” surrounding how to excerpt, I’ll list only the questions Jane asked Bethany:

*I worry that some authors who are interested in crowdfunding don’t have the proper resources or network in place to run a successful campaign. While I don’t want to be discouraging at the start of this interview (!), are there situations where you advise authors to wait before they start a campaign—to ensure they have some essential components in place?”

* “For an author undertaking their first crowdfunding effort, about how many hours of prep time would you budget, and then how many hours per day during a typical campaign?”

* “You’ve helped your clients successfully raise more than $100,000, and you’ve got the process down to a near science. Your excellent posts on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign elaborate on the number crunching you do beforehand. How much do you think it’s a numbers game?”

* “Okay, moving away from the numbers: I know there’s an art to this as well. What are elements you observe, on the qualitative side, that the author has to bring to the table to help ensure a campaign succeeds?”

* “What tools or resources do you find indispensable for managing a crowdfunding campaign?”

Now, breaking with my own break with excerpt-tradition, here are the bullet points for that last question:

“A good email host.”

“Lots and lots of great pictures of the author’s face—and other faces.”

“Basic image-editing software.”

Each of those do have an additional explanation

So, just from the excerpts (though, if interested, you really need to go read both full articles…) are you up for the challenge?

What if mastering the skills of crowdfunding made the difference between selling lots of books or not selling very many books at all?
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