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The Crazies Are Everywhere !

There are crazies of all types in our world.

The nice ones, the funny ones, the dangerous ones, and the merely bothersome ones.

The London/UK riots are showing the kind of crazy that can arise when government remains distant from the populace.

Fundamentalist religions show the craziness of literal interpretation of metaphysical concepts.

The Internet and its spawn of gadgets are letting us work to find ways to deal with the, usually, more benign, sometimes lovable, and, all too often, bothersome crazies.

I read a post by C. C. Chapman that considers the special kind of crazy that connectedness brings–the kind of “connectedness” that drives some folks to disconnect from the social mores that smooth and facilitate relationship.

Are You One of The Crazies? offers a checklist that some of us could well-afford to consider.

I won’t even try to replicate the panache in the original post but, if you spend lots of time on the ‘Net, you might want to read his “Symptoms of having a case of The Crazies” :-)

Oh!! I nearly forgot to mention the special crazies that can be bred by Reading, Writing, and Publishing

Perhaps I’ll leave that to my dear readers to share in the comments :-)

In the meantime, check out this Hierarchy of Digital Distractions.
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