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Falling In Love With A Library

Ever had a crush on a library?

I’d be quite surprised if any of my readers never even Liked a library

There are posts here with the tag Libraries (24 posts) and one of my favorites was Little Libraries Spreading All Over :-)littlelibrary

“Fairly small, up on a pole, books inside, and saying, ‘Take A Book – Leave A Book’.” —————->

Then there are the Huge libraries—the ones that may never be at risk of being shut down due to lack of funds (unless the whole world crashes and burns).

My Stream on Google Plus had a link to an article on BuzzFeed called 49 Breathtaking Libraries From All Over The World.

It starts with an image of the Library of Congress in Washington D. C., USA, includes the Reading Room at La Sorbonne in Paris, France, the Trinity College Library at University of Dublin, Ireland, and the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at University of Toronto, Canada.

I think, if you take that link, that you’ll fall in love with at least one of these 49 libraries

And, to finish out this post, I’ll include an image of my favorite library from the list:

Library of the Dutch Parliament at The Hague, Netherlands

favorite library

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