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We’re Gone Reading, Yet Again :-)

GoneReading Founder

GoneReading Founder with Some Friends

There are at least a billion people on our planet who can’t read… 

In fact, let me quote myself from a past post:

“There are apparently about a billion people on our planet who don’t  choose to not read—they are, for various reasons, unable to obtain books…”

And, there are too few organizations doing something about that.

The one I’ll tell you about today is extremely unique—you buy something cool for yourself and doing so lets you help someone else have books to read.

That self-quote up there is from a post I did about this organization, GoneReading, back in 2011—It’s Simple. They’re Gone Reading :-)

That post has an interview with the Founder, Bradley S. Wirz.

In 2012, I wrote the post, Gone Reading, Again :-)

That post had this quote from Brad:

“We’re donating 100% of company profits to help fund non-profit organizations that already specialize in developing libraries in the poorest parts of the world….It’s amazing to see how a simple library can profoundly effect a local community.  Reading is a primary tool of self-improvement; without it, you don’t stand a chance.”

If you want more information about how the organization does its work of helping folks have books, check out those two past posts

Today, I want to entice you to help them do their job by showing you some of the things you can buy.

If you happen to forget where this post was and you suddenly want to visit GoneReading, I have a link in the left side-bar right under the pics of some of the readers of this blog :-)
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