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Read Two of Roz Morris’ Novels for Free ~ limited time offer…

I just received these words in my email from my favorite-blogger-to-Reblog, Roz MorrisRoz Morris

“Hello! Last month I promised you codes to try an exciting ebook subscription service – and they’ve just landed in my inbox! Bookmate specialises in fiction and has a hand-curated collection from the major imprints and also from indies like me. As you can see, they’ve made me a rather strange landing page …

“Anyway, it should be dead simple. Follow the link and if you’re asked for a code, it’s ROZMORRIS. And it will work for any title you want, not just mine!”

I recommend you read Roz’s books—they’re exceedingly good.

Since we live in a global corporate culture, you’ll have to enter information from a credit card—this gives you a month of free reading (I still recommend you concentrate on Roz’s books...); and, they say you can “unsubscribe” at any time—I recommend just before the month is up, unless you want another month at $9.99

And, you can get Roz’s absolutely fantastic book Nail Your Novel (for a limited time) on Amazon, USA for only $1.99.  This book is worth Way more than that!

Click these two images to read the book descriptions:

My Memories of a Future Life

Lifeform Three










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Digital Disruption In Publishing

While it’s true that Amazon has brought strong disruption into the publishing arena, one should never discount the smaller creatively-disrupting publishers…

Digital Disruption in Publishing

Image Courtesy of Belovodchenko Anton ~

So often, in so many aspects of life, the “Davids” have taken on and routed the “Goliaths”.

Back in April, the London Book Fair provided a stage for seven disrupting entrepreneurs—the short list of the British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur (YCE) programme.

Wired chose three as Favorites:

From BrazilRicardo Almeida‘s Clube de Autores—“…Brazil’s first and largest self publishing company.”

He had this to say:

“As any entrepreneur, I conceived the business looking at my own needs as a writer and with no relationships or knowledge of our publishing company. And I’d say that this was, probably, the best place to start as it ridded me of any kind of market pessimism, so to speak, that commonly plagues this industry. From this point on, I partnered up with a developing company and a finance executive to develop the entire platform from scratch – and with absolutely no money except our own time and labour.”

From ChinaDai Qin‘s Douban Read—“…a social network based on discussions on creative and social issues.”

She had this to say:

“The most exciting thing is we are trying to do direct digital publishing and try to find the unique new value which matters. Key issue is whether we can find it, and how to market these content/ service to the nowadays readers. We believe the non-fiction works, full of real learning and practicing experience are important and rare. Now we are doing a product test to see whether it is true.”

From RussiaIrina Sheveleva‘s Bookmate—“…a social reading service that enables users to read and discover more, and publishers – to interact with a wider audience across the world.”

Irina says:

“We at Bookmate have an ambitious goal – to make reading as much a regular pastime, as playing games or web surfing, and are determined to innovate our way to that point. Being a one of a kind subscription based e-reading and publishing platform in Russia, we are now looking into ways of scaling globally, developing our business and augmenting the reading and publishing experience.”

Will one of these companies make Amazon stumble?

Can they provide what a world market of readers wants?

Does anyone know what a True World Market is??
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