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“The Great Book Robbery” ~ “a case of cultural theft or preservation?”

What if you were happy in your life, educated and productive, and another country decided you didn’t deserve to live where you do?

What makes certain people think that other people aren’t as important as they are?

And, why do some people commit horrific acts against other humans?

I would love some of your answers to those questions in the Comments

Most particularly, what if, along with forcing you to leave, this other country decided that, even though you weren’t important, your books were important?

Simple question next, but indicative of twisted minds:

What if those invaders put your books in a library and labeled them “Absentee Property”, even though the absence was cause by an act of expulsion?

What if all this happened in 1948 and, even though the people who have the “Absentee Property” said they would return it, they still maintain their right to keep it?

Is this cultural theft?

If you love books and realize the importance they have in personal growth and human culture, please watch this video—>The Great Book Robbery.
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Book Designing ~ Content Becomes Form

Putting words together can create Forms in a reader’s mind.

Yet, before the reader’s mind creates the Forms, the words are Content.

Reader’s would like to get a feeling of what the Content can potentially Form in their mind.

The cover of a book is the first connection between the author and the reader.

Book design is about covers but also about the typography—the Forms the letters take on the page—and a number of other design considerations.

The best space on the Web I know of to study all this is Joel Friedlander‘s The Book Designer.

A writer, even a self-published one, may not be the person who designs a book but they should certainly understand something about the process

The quickest and most humorous way to grasp the essentials, that I’ve found, is to watch this video :-)

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