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Friday Poll ~ How Much Do Book Covers Matter?

As always, we’ll first look at the results of last week’s poll—What’s Your Author-Gender Preference? 

How Much Do Book Covers Matter?

Image Courtesy of Nicholas Sales ~

1st Place was “It shouldn’t matter what the gender of the author is”

2nd Place was “I have no author-gender preference”

3rd Place — “I don’t pay much attention to the gender of the authors I read”

4th — “I’ve found no difference between male and female authors”

5th Place was a two-way tie:

I tend to prefer female authors” & from the “Other” space, “I like to read work from writers who can write well”

We also had one Comment from within the Poll (which is available from a small link at the bottom After you’ve voted…):

“I feel that literature is literature and that the gender of the author should not matter in order for the reader to enjoy a book ….and yet in this world, which likes to categorise everything nowadays in order to sell it, I feel, that a divide has been created for marketing purposes which serves neither female or male authors. My experiences as an author make me feel that my next book should perhaps be written under a gender neutral name :-)”


Now for this week’s poll.

Multiple answers are allowed.

The “Other” Space is there for your unique answers.

And, Comments can be made from within the poll after you vote

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