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Book Bloggers ~ Just for The Love of It :-)

Book Bloggers do it all for love.

Building an Author Platform? Check out our last post (just scroll down a bit) but also check out the people called Book Bloggers.

Alan Rinzler of The Book Deal had this to say about Book Bloggers:

“Book bloggers love to read books and to recommend them to their own followers. There are scores of avid bloggers in every genre, out there reviewing thousands of books and interviewing hundreds of authors every year. They do this for pleasure, and are a very diverse crowd: some are book people in their day jobs, some are stay-at-home moms and dads, some are students.”

In fact, BookExpo America, in May, will be followed by the Book Blogger Convention.

There’s also a custom Google search tool to help you find Book Bloggers.

As Rinzler summed up in his post:

“Marketing yourself to book bloggers is not for everyone. It takes time and energy you might prefer to spend writing, or cultivating other gardens. But it’s definitely one of the most powerful new ways to get your work in the hands of readers available today.”

In my run-up to publication in May, I’ve contacted about 60 of these wonderful folks. I’ll more than likely be contacting a lot more of them :-)

Have you talked to a friendly Book Blogger lately?
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