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One Huge Gold Mine for Writers

Many blogs have a set day of the week when they share links form other blogs and web sites.

My tendency is to reference other folks Monday through Thursday and share my own writing on Fridays.

However, there’s a particularly interesting blog I use as one of my sources of information for things worthy to blog about.

Here are three links to articles I gleaned from this remarkable Internet resource for writers:

100% of Independent Publishers Who Do This Will Sell More of Their Work

To Blog Or Not To Blog: Is It Really Necessary?

Getting Maximum “Bang” for Your Book Description Buck: an SEO/ Author’s Perspective

And, I bookmarked those three in one visit to this blog, which I featured here last year in the post, Joel Friedlander ~ The Book Designer.

Actually, I didn’t visit the blog for those links, it visited me—in my email.

If you visit Mr. Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer, you’ll find much more than just links to others’ stuff—he has a Gold Mine of information for writers.

And, if you let his blog find you, by subscribing,


you’ll get his This Week In The Blogs (where I find many of the posts

and articles I blog about here).

Look for this ——————————————————————————>

in the upper left of Joel’s blog

to receive his Gifts for Writers :-)
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