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Digging into My #Archives . . .

WordPress still hasn’t been able to return the reblog buttons to its users; and, many folks are dealing with major issues since reblogging is a primary part of their routine… Blogging as Conversation

A brighter reflection:

Tomorrow, our new Blogging as Conversation continues…

If you want to contribute, visit last Wednesday’s post :-)

And, there’s another option for you in a brief moment…

So… my song and dance, to add something of value to your day, will be to pirouette in and warble from the depths of this blog—the 2,122 posts that are categorized in the Top Tags widget, down a ways in the left sidebar…

I’m going to select a few posts to share that have some sort of “bearing” on the Conversation begun last week:

4 Bloggers Have A Conversation About The Book World

Two Authors Talking at the London Book Fair

And, a post from 3 years ago, when I tried to stimulate a conversation here…

Your Opinion Absolutely Counts ~ Give This A Try

So… comments on last Wednesday’s post plus any comments after this post (whether they deal with any of the above posts or not), will enter the Stream (which, so far, is only a trickle) of our Conversation…
If you don’t see a way to comment (or, “reply”) after this post, try up there at the top right…
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