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Mental Hygiene Breaks for Writers . . .

It’s well-known, in the world of sports, that pushing too hard, too early, will lead to at least strain, if not injury.

I’m experiencing the literary “equivalent” today

I have been writing five posts a week for over a year.

That’s not to say I don’t love doing it.

I just reach certain points in the journey and feel I’ve been pushing near strain rather than running with joy

That’s where I am today.

If you blog, have you had this feeling?

If you don’t blog, have you had this feeling?

Seems like losing a lap is necessary if finishing the race is the goal—not an intuitive analogy, perhaps, but one that works for me

More substantive posting resumes tomorrow :-)

Top 15 Posts . . .

“About” Pages on a blog are the most visited. Makes sense for folks to want to know who’s behind the words, eh?

Then come the most visited posts–what drew attention, what sparked interest, what the blogger usually wants to do more of :-)

Since January 1st, this blog has had 10,152 visits. Of those, 4,034 hit the Home Page (meaning they saw the most recent post–so, the numbers below are actually not those pages “most visited” but the ones “most-willfully” visited), 270 visited My About Page, and 227 saw my book’s About Page

Here are our current “top” fifteen posts:

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