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Who Should Deal With All The Crap ?

Our last post looked into the claim that self-publishing produces crap. I urge you to scroll down and read it

There were a good number of comments and one of them said that another of them should be boosted up to a post.

Here’s that comment :-)

“Crap is everywhere. Always has been; always will be. Sorting threw the crap is what takes me so long in the bookstore, the clothing store and the grocery store. To me, Mickey-D is crap, yet the business thrives. Nine-hundred-ninety-nine men out of a thousand should be thrown back into the lake, yet most of them eventually find a wife. Nearly 100 percent of all children are brats, yet their parents love them.

“On the weekends, my husband will rent several movies. It’s not unusual for use to watch each one for 15 minutes, before rejecting them all, yet some of them are blockbusters. That can add up to a whole hour of crap. Go figure.

“Recently, I told my TV company to go take a hike. Ninety bucks a month for a load of crap. I don’t think so. Here’s my reality: shove it.

“Why do some people settle for crappy food, crappy clothes, crappy husbands, crappy kids, crappy programming and crappy books? I don’t know, I really don’t know. Why do some people, who haven’t studied, bother to write down a load of crap, when some part of them has to know that it’s crap? I don’t know. It’s a lot of work for a load of BS.

“Why do we keep our mouths shut when be stumble across crap? It’s easier, I guess. We want someone else to take out the crap.”
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